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How VOLT Could Create New Jobs And Improve Income For Messengers

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@jlevelDavid Levy

VOLT takes the traditional delivery model and completely revolutionizes it by allowing anyone to be part of the delivery process. You can become a messenger regardless of your background and there are no roadblocks to begin executing deliveries.

The flexibility of the VOLT system provides a lot of new job opportunities that can potentially be life changing for individuals that are struggling to find work. In this article we will go over some of the benefits of VOLT for the messengers.

Delivery fees reduced

The key strength of VOLT is that it removes delivery processing hubs from the equation, which means the messengers are delivering packages directly to the client. This reduces the overall cost of delivery and also a slice of the profit from the messengers is not consumed by the “middlemen”. Therefore, messengers can make more money due to this favourable setup.

Furthermore, the amount of money that can be earned by messengers is not capped. If they want to work long hours to execute deliveries then there are no limitations on doing so. However, if a messenger worked for a traditional delivery company, then they need to get hired and deal with the limitations of a company payment structure.

Flexibility for messengers

Messengers can use VOLT to make an income full time or a few extra bucks on the side. There are no expectations other than to successfully execute the delivery once the contract has been accepted. People can make deliveries on the way to work or if they are visiting a friend and there is a delivery destination not too far from their house.

This allows for a more efficient society because instead of having a truck execute the delivery, which releases extra fumes into the atmosphere and adds to the traffic problem, a person can make the delivery on a trip they were making anyway.

Messengers can choose any mode of transport they like, which includes cars, motorbike, bicycle, public transport and walking. The degree of flexibility means that anyone can get started — even if they don’t own a car.

Payment security

Getting paid using VOLT is secure and fast while charging an insignificant amount of fees. The blockchain infrastructure ensures that all payments are verified by every single node of the system. The payment is also fast and not subject to conversion rates or cross border fees. This is what typically reduces the amount that can be earned when getting paid.

The payment system is fully automated and you will not have to wait until the end of the month to get paid like in a regular job. You get paid as soon as the contract has been successfully completed. This gives messengers more motivation to get started as they can immediately see the fruits of their labour.

Messenger reputation

The VOLT system will be based on messenger reputation, which means that clients can be confident in the messengers who will be delivering their package. Once the delivery is completed the client can leave feedback on the quality of the service. Messengers will be motivated to do a great job so that they have a higher chance of getting more contracts in the future.

Such a system is important to prevent fraud and reduce the chances of a poor service for the client. A feedback based system has proven to work in a number of different industries and is used by the top brands in the world like Amazon, eBay and Uber.


There is no doubt that VOLT will bring new opportunities to people looking for work or making extra cash in addition to their primary job. Students can earn a bit of extra cash to help fund their studies — VOLT is open to anyone who is willing to put in the hard work and complete deliveries in an honest manner.

Technology is all about improving the standard of living for society as a whole and VOLT accomplishes this in a number of ways. It will prove to provide financial security for people who may not have other job opportunities and will create a favourable working environment due to the flexibility of VOLT.


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