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How To Use Technology To Enhance Your In-Store Marketing Strategy

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Technology is improving as we speak. Robots exist, IoT is here to support your business, AI can help you amaze your customers, and VR can help you travel in a different world. 

Keeping up with trends and tech is important. You know it and your customers know it. 

In this article, we are going to show you how you can include robots in your in-store marketing strategy. But before we get started, let's see how Retail has changed with the help of technology. 

How Has Technology Changed Retail?

eCommerce platforms innovate as much as possible. Personalized ads, great customer experience, analyzing data, and implementing campaigns that focus on the customer. 

How about brick and mortar shops?

The fact that customers tried online shopping and had a great experience makes them want more from physical stores. Shoppers expect retailers to offer them the same benefits or even better. 

You might be asking yourself: If customers love shopping online why are they still shopping in stores? 

Well, people love to see, touch, and smell the products before purchasing them. Plus, shopping has become an experience over the years and retailtainment is becoming a trend. 

While brick and mortar shops don’t innovate as fast as eCommerce platforms do, technology has had an amazing impact on Retail. 

Do you remember how your store looked 5 years ago? No self check out, no click and collect, no digital displays, no possibility to scan a QR code, no connecting between the online and the offline environment. 

This is how tech changed retail:


Technology has changed the way people scan and pay for products. Shoppers can now scan their own products and pay with cash, card, smartphone, or smartwatch inside the store. 


Technology managed to reduce the costs for retailers. Fewer employees means less money spent on salaries. While it might seem like an IoT device or robot is much more expensive, your investment is recovered in a few months. 


These devices are here to help employees perform certain tasks that are too difficult (lifting heavy products and moving them around the warehouse) or too repetitive (checking out stock and refiling shelves with products). 


Robots can also be used to help customers navigate inside the store. This way, it can help you improve the quality of your customer service. 

And it is only the beginning! By 2025, there will be 75.4 billion IoT devices connected all over the world. 

Technology doesn’t only take care of your stock or reduce your costs, it can also be included in your in-store marketing! 

How can you use technology in your in-store marketing strategy?

IoT devices can do much more than filling up your shelves or moving merchandise around the store, they can also have a big impact on your in-store marketing strategy. Apart from promotions, samplings, events, and old-school POP displays, tech devices need to be included in your in-store marketing strategy. 

Let us show you some examples of how technology can be included in your in-store marketing strategy. 


Yes, there are robots that can put products on the shelves, but did you know that there are robots that can make your products talk, sing, and move? 

Tokinomo uses light, sound, and motion technology to bring your products to life! Our in-store marketing robot can help you promote your products and surprise your customers as they stroll away on an aisle. Once they reach your product, Tokinomo will sense the movement and activate itself. 

You can choose what your products tell customers, how it moves, and how fast it talks or sings. It’s all up to you!

The best part? On our cloud-based platform, you can change the audio message to communicate a new promotion or match a recent event. 

You can also collect, in real-time, important data to see exactly how your campaign is performing. 


Want to promote your products? Why don’t you make your customers go on a scavenger hunt?

With the help of AR, your customers could enter a maze and search for products directly on their phone while being in a store. Just like Pokemon Go, people will love to look for hidden treasures while they are grocery shopping. 

There are various ways in which you can include technology in your in-store marketing strategy. Make products dance, make customers hunt for treasures, offer shoppers an experience, not just products.

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