How to Use Low-code Tools to Fill Your Developer Talent Gap by@mihaelalupu

How to Use Low-code Tools to Fill Your Developer Talent Gap

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Aurachain is an intuitive low code platform that allows rapid creation of enterprise-grade digital applications.

The pressure on organizations to digitally transform has increased in recent years. The business world is rapidly becoming β€˜digital first,' increasing the demand for software. As a result, demand for software developers has skyrocketed. Suddenly, companies are faced with a shortage of software talent to manage workloads, integrate new technologies, and innovate business processes.

So, what does the developer shortage mean to you? What can you do to help organizations eager to start transformation projects? Let's examine the current talent gap and how low-code can help.

The Developer Shortage Is Real


This is evidenced in a Harvey Nash & KPMG report where over 60% of CIOs state that improving business processes and increasing operational efficiencies are key business issues that the board is looking for IT to address.

However, the very same report found that 67% of CIOs cite a skills shortage as the reason it is difficult for their companies to keep up with the pace of change.


Robert Walters found that 70% of UK employers face a tech talent shortage, with the biggest gaps in Yorkshire (73%) and London (62%) and the North of England (55 percent ).

The BBC recently reported that the UK faces a β€œcatastrophic digital skills shortage disaster.” The current talent shortage is unlikely to improve as young people are turned off by digital work, including software development.

In the US, a November 2019 CNBC News report compared the number of open tech positions with the applicant pool. According to the data, there were 920,000 open positions and only 165,000 qualified applicants. That includes annual coding bootcamp and computer science program graduates.

Gartner confirms this reality in a report on emerging risks. The report lists talent shortage as one of the top five risks for the second half of 2018, with 63% of senior technology executives citing the issue.

The Developer Shortage Affects You

The lack of software developer talent is bad for innovation and digital transformation projects, which tax developer resources. On top of their existing tasks, they now have a series of major projects to complete. Developer burnout reduces wellbeing and productivity. As a result, timelines may be extended and coding errors may occur.

Those eager to accelerate transformation and digitalization initiatives may hope to hire more staff. But there aren't enough skilled developers to go around. And the competition will be fierce for those with the latest coding skills.

It goes without saying that halting innovation or delaying transformation projects is not an option. You simply cannot afford to pause as your competitors do. Thus, businesses must find alternatives to the problem of developer talent shortage.

Shortage of Developers Solved by Low-Code

Despite the developer talent gap, low-code platforms can help ambitious businesses transform and innovate. Because low-code allows you to do more with less developer resources.

A low-code platform automates and streamlines key functions to speed up app development.

You can build powerful software without bogging down your developers with tedious tasks. The low-code platform will create code for many of the new app's elements. You can not only deliver the app faster, but also keep your developers free to focus on true innovation, avoiding burnout and keeping them engaged in meaningful work.

Conclusion: Building Software without Full-stack Developers

The software developer shortage will continue to affect organizations of all sizes as they attempt to keep up with changing technology and emerging market demands. However, you can leverage the benefits of a low-code platform to help tackle the talent gap.

You will be better equipped to drive transformation and innovation throughout your company, with collaboration fostered across existing teams that can provide the right skill sets for your company’s needs.

Aurachain HackerNoon profile picture
by Aurachain @mihaelalupu.Aurachain is an intuitive low code platform that allows rapid creation of enterprise-grade digital applications.
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