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How To Use Google Search Privacy Settings

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Google search engine tracks you continuously whether you are using chrome browser, or signed in-out of the google accounts. They keep doing it for analytical, research product improvement, the majority of its data collections for Advertisement targeting.


★ Due to the recent bills from the European Union and U.S Congress on the privacy and security of individual users or consumers such as the Consumer Data Privacy and Security Act, Personal Data Privacy and Security Act, Secure Data and Privacy for Contact Tracing Act, Privacy and Security of Personally Identifiable Information, Online Privacy Protection, etc., forced multinational companies to enable such features for the consumer to choose to “Enable it” or “Disable it” while they are using it.

You may or may not aware of these Hot-NEWS in the past and present between Google and the European Union and U.S Congress.

★ The European Commission has fined Google €1.49 billion (1,819,081,400 USD) for breaching EU antitrust rules. predominantly abused its market dominance by imposing a number of restrictive clauses in contracts with third-party websites which prevented Google’s rivals from placing their search adverts on these websites.

★ Okay, one more Tip for the fine, Google was by far the strongest player in online search advertising in the European Economic Area (EEA), with a market share above 70% from 2006 to 2016. That's something, isn't it?

What’s the purpose: Google data collection?

★ It collects data from individual users to build an advertising campaign profile, generating billions of dollars in revenue via advertising platforms from different methodologies. we won't discuss it on this post, perhaps on another post.

★ Search engines gather data to personalize the Ads based on your past or recent search activities.

★ In this post, we will discuss a few methods to get rid of (to disable) the “Google’s Search activity, modify your Search settings, disable Your data visibility on Search” on your web browser regardless of the platform (Computer, Android, iPhone, iPad) versions. It would work on any version. Just follow the humming beats of the rhythms.

Solutions to Disable Search activity: In this post, we will learn how to disable these annonymous data collection issues with three different options. To disable/Turn of this service, please ensure to follow the given below steps :
Its applicable While you are logged out of the Gmail account.

✓ Search history

✓ Search settings

✓ Your data in Search

Step 1: On your computer browser, Type “google.com” and enter a random search keyword, something will show up. Now, On the top right navigation panel, click “‘Settings’”, be aware that go to your settings on the search engine navigation panel as shown in Figure 1., not the one on your web browser general settings😂.


Figure 1. Google Search settings.

Step 2: Under “Settings” click on “Search history”.


Figure 2. Search history.

★ To disable/Turn of this service, please ensure to follow the given below steps as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3. Signed-out search activity is on- disable it.

★ Aftermath.


Figure 4. Signed-out search activity is on- results after disabling it.

★ To disable/Turn off “Search settings”, please ensure to follow the given below steps as shown in Figure 5.


Figure 5. Search settings.

Note: It’s totally an optional one, it's up to you to decide whether you want it or not. Perhaps, for some users, it's a great feature, some don't.

Auto-complete with trending searches:

By default, “show popular searches” was chosen on your behalf by google.


Figure 6. Do not show popular searches.

Search customization:

  • ★ Search activity helps give you more relevant results and recommendations by using your searches on google.com from this browser. You can turn off Search customization at any time.
  • ★ Google may use the “Region Settings” to identify your (IP, ISP, area of location, the local language) to show relevant data from that region in and around.
  • ★ Feel free to change it to any other countries, when you search google tag different country to your searches. Please, be aware you only get search results based on the region you choose.

Figure 7. Search customization.

Delete your Google Search activity:

Step:1 When you use Google sites, apps, and services, some of your activity is saved in your web browser. You can see and disable this data activity as shown in Figure 8., and you can stop saving most of the search activity at any time.


Figure 8. Your data in search.

★ Previously, we have disabled this service in the “search history” operation (figure3.). This service is inherited and integrated with search history & search activity.


Figure 10. Your search activity.

Step 2: To Disable Ad Personalization.

★ Please, click on the “Ad Personalization” option as shown in Figure 10, It will redirect you to a new page. Now, its time for you to “Turn off” the button on

Ads personaliztion Across the web : To “Turn off”
Ads personaliztion on Google search : To “Turn off”

★ To disable/Turn of this service, please ensure to follow the given below steps:


Figure 11. Google Ads personalization.

★ A pop-up will show you the following information to manipulate your actions on “turning it off”. Don't fall for it, you may fall for something else but not this time, not this one😁. Just turn it off.


Figure 14. Ads personalization on Google Search.

Cabin crew -Final check before landing:

★ Finally, make sure you have completed the operation successfully.

BRAVOWell Done😜!


Figure 15. Cabin crew -Final check before landing.

Quote of the day: 

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— English Proverb

Explanation: Simple words but ones that are so true. Your attitude, how you see your world, will depend on the happiness and contentment in your life. And, we are the ones who control our attitude. How we react to any situation is up to us.

Thanks for reading!

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by Mr.Vic @gtmars.com. Founder of gtmars.com & plan2trip.com. Sharing knowledge in the digital world about CybersecuritySpace Industry


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