How to Use Google Maps Efficiently by@chaitanyaacv

How to Use Google Maps Efficiently

Chaitanya A C V is a content marketing, growth tips, life hacks, productivity and social media expert. She shares 6 cool Google Maps tips/hacks to get the most out of Google Maps. Here are 6 cool tips and tricks to use Google Maps to get more out of the app to the fullest. The most important thing in Google Maps is that it has loads of information and data, but this was previously not visible before while navigating. You can now see information about hotels, restaurants, petrol bunks, etc. This helps a lot more than you would think.
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I love Google Maps! It is simple and easy to use. The night mode helps while navigating in the night.But are you using it to the fullest?

In this post, I'm trying to help with answers for the following question:

How do I get the most out of Google Maps? I'm pretty sure no one is actually using it, to its full efficiency.

Here are 6 fun cool tips/hacks I have been using for the past few years.

1. Location Sharing

Until early last year (2018), location sharing was a feature you could turn on from Google+. It had two options, city-level location sharing or high accuracy location sharing with accuracy to metres.

The city-level feature used to help notify friends when they come into the city. But this feature is now truncated/removed.

Also, Location sharing has shifted to Google Maps. And, it is more accurate + definitely better than WhatsApp's location-sharing feature.

I use this feature for security and more peace of mind :)

So now, you can give access to your real-time location. This can be done via an SMS or Email for as less as 15 minutes or as long as you want (until you turn it off manually).

I just love this feature. When I'm on my way to meet a friend, all I do is share him/her my live location via Google Maps and boom, it saves a bunch of our combined time.

Moreover, this location-sharing is always on for my mother and family members. This way, we all know where we are at all times.

The only disadvantage though is my mobile battery drains faster. Well, you just have to ensure enough charge is there in your mobile always. You have to give up something to gain something. So for my peace of mind, shorter battery life is a good enough sacrifice.

2. Wait-time or rush level in restaurants or other public places: I don't usually eat out. But when I do, it's either with close friends or family.

And hence, I prefer quieter or less busy restaurants. Of course, the reviews and ratings on Google Maps help a lot in choosing that fabulous new place to eat out.

But what I really love along with the review is the wait time notification. 

Wait time and the ability to change the day help me plan my visit to the place

It helps me decide should I go in now or book in an appointment or change the restaurant itself.

This feature is available for all tourist places as well. Trust me, it helps a lot. 

3. Multiple destinations to your navigation & depart at a different time and date: This feature is pretty popular. Still, many people do not use it. As they are not aware of it. Add a pit stop, plan your journey better

I basically use it when I am picking up a bunch of my friends or buying items from different grocery stores or visiting multiple venues.

This really helps me get an understanding of the time required for the entire travel.

Now, if you want to plan a trail or long trip. You would love the depart at a different time and date feature.

With this, you can add multiple destinations, see how busy the route would be, how much time it will take for leaving on different date + time combinations.

4. See recommended places on your route

The most important thing in Google Maps is that it has loads of information and data. But this was previously not visible before while navigating. Since, late 2017, this feature has been added. You can now see information about hotels, restaurants, petrol bunks, etc. This helps a lot more than you would think while reading about this.You can see nearby attractions easily now on the maps even while navigating

5. Remember where you parked

Parking your vehicle is tough in crowded metros. Even more difficult task is finding it in the parking lot later.

Now Google Maps has this feature of automatically recording the last known location when you stopped moving at the speed of a vehicle. This location can be seen once you open the Google Maps app. Lovely right?

Use it in future when struggling in that parking lot.

Google Maps now automatically knows to keep a point for where you are parking.

6. Book a hotel room, restaurant table, dentist or salon appointment

With more and more businesses starting to use Google My Business, the options to book services is being rolled out on Google Maps.

The feature to message the business on Google Maps is now available across the globe for all the business owners who have Google My Business mobile app installed.

Similarly, for restaurants, caterers, salons, dentists, etc. you can book appointments straight from maps. Hotel accommodation too can be reserved this way as well. Nice right?

Well, these are my favourite 6 ways of using Google Maps. Do you know more such fun or cool stuff? Comment them below, please.

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