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How To Use Faster One Font: Quick Tips

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Hi everyone! Every week I research about a new font, write a 3 minute design and branding newsletter called FontDiscovery and sharing design and branding tips around the font. This week we looked at Faster One, a very graphic, funky display font. Thought I can share this here incase anyone finds it useful!

Inspiration for Faster One

Before personal computers, phototypesetting was a popular method that used the photographic process to generate text on a scroll of photo paper. This new method enabled people to get creative, which led to many decorative and “experimental” fonts.

Font details

Faster One is a display font, meaning it is better for flashy purposes. If we look at this font carefully, we'll notice that the letterforms are very thick. Bold shapes communicate strength and energy. The decorative lines simulating velocity also adds a hint of humor and kitsch.

Should I use it for logo

I would reserve this font for any logo or branding, unless it's for a very appropriate brand, like athletic apparel or streetwear. Faster One does have a fascinating character that can be fun for for statement making, like decals, streetwear, packaging, or anything with a more "graphic" purpose.

How should I use it for my copy and marketing

Faster One is not for displaying long quotes and large bodies of text. It is definitely not for a serious presentation. It just has too much personality.


See visual examples and use-cases of Faster One on fonts.substack.com I share design and font tips every week to help founders and makers. Subscribe if you feel like!


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