Hackernoon logoHow to Turn Pocket Change into Ownership in the Next Facebook and Why your Bank is Exploiting you by@ChrisHerd

How to Turn Pocket Change into Ownership in the Next Facebook and Why your Bank is Exploiting you

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I have received investment from the CEO/Founder of a $Billion Business to help you become wealthier

Why making your money work for you makes so much sense

Is there any company you like less than your bank?

Is there any business you use so frequently but offers you so little?

I despise banks. They do nothing for me. They are perhaps the largest arbitrators of truth in the world — yet no business is so opaque. No business has caused us so much pain — yet they remain the same. The tech revolution has revolutionised even the most traditional of industries — taxi’s (Uber) and freight (flexport) — yet banks continue to operate to our detriment. No more.

Banks screw us every single day of our lives

Fat Cats sit up high in their glass offices eating the cream, while our fortunes are pilfered by a lack of interest payments on savings. We endure the swings of the pendulum they imposed due to the 2008 final collapse which arose from their inability to regulate their behaviour.

Why do we continue to let them get away with it?

Partly it is due to a lack of alternative. We feel that banks are such an integral part of the fabric of our society that we can’t imagine anything that could replaces it. Banks are the way they are because it’s the way they have always been. There is no greater danger than the complacency that comes with that.

I’m solving a massive problem that afflicts a huge number of people

How much of your money sits in your current account every month, returning almost no interest to you? If you are like any of the 1,000 people I have spoken to it is a lot. We’d all like a safe, secure and simple way to grow our money.

I have received investment from the CEO/Founder of a $Billion Business to help you become wealthier

What I am going to create is the worlds largest investment fund with the most diverse range or partners, seeded from the current accounts of thousands of individuals. What that offers you in return is fractional ownership in the futures largest companies in exchange for the interest you are forgoing on your account. This lets you accrue ownership at no risk.

Back to the future — your money working for you

The future of everything is in the crowd — through distributed networks and blockchains which enable collaboration on an unprecedented scale. Alone we are weak together we are strong. That couldn’t be more true on the internet. That is the basis for the bank we are developing. Our thesis is that thousands of users, from the most diverse background can collectively amount to the most useful, insightful and successful network in the world. Nexves aims to bring thousands of individuals together who become partners in the worlds most innovative investment fund. To participate all you have to do is open an account. Having done so, the money in your account begins working for you.

How to Earn Ownership in the Startups Invested in

  • Put money in our bank account which you can use as a current account
  • Wait 30 days
  • Earn a CryptoToken = to the % of savings you have of the entire platform
  • You now own that % of the fund, and profit from all companies in portfolio

It really is as simple as that and the best part is that there is no risk

The money used for investments are accrued from the interest on the money held in all the accounts collectively. The money you deposit remains yours and it will never reduce. You’re free to withdraw or spend it at any time you wish.

The money in your account remains entirely liquid

It is accessible whenever you need it. You can use it as a standard current account and for your daily spending. The amount of tokens you accrue is equal to the amount of money you have in the account for the calendar month. Should the amount you have in the account grow, the more tokens you will receive at the end of the next month. You will continue to receive tokens for as long as you have money in the account earning more ownership.

Why would Startups choose Nexves over traditional venture funds?

This unique offering incentives startups to work with us as investors over other funds due to the significant increase in influence we are able to exert. Each company receives access to a tremendous network of engaged evangelists who benefit directly from their success — that could be you. Each individual can be rewarded for participating — sharing a post on social media, going to a supermarket to request a product, sharing a screenshot of their home screen — in tokens which amount to a fractional % in ownership in the fund. You get to help the companies you are invested in and earn yourself more money, the startups get significantly cheaper marketing and support.

The earlier you join, the higher fraction of coins you will be paid

The sooner you begin using the account every month the more coins you will earn entitling you to a higher fraction of ownership in the companies we will invest in. The less people who have an account means that you will be able to accrue a higher fraction of the coins minted each month in comparison to people who have the same ammount in their account each month later on.

The roadmap for development has you at the centre

People are at the centre of Nexves. Banks currently possess all your data relating to how much you pay for services each month. They have this data for everyone else as well. Any Bank could take this data, compare it to all their other customers and tell you how much you could save relative to what others are paying. None of them do. Nexves will. All the data we have is yours. This gives you the power to negotiate costs down where you are paying too much.

From there we will develop a product what does this automatically

Simply by having money in an Nexves account you will save. Transfer your account to us and if you are paying £/$90 a month for your Television subscription we will automatically negotiate this down to whatever the lowest cost achieved on the platform is. Imagine this for all your recurring expenses.

That is what every bank has the power to do for you

We are the only one willing to put the power back in the consumers hands.

We will let you profit from the most entrepreneurial time in history

On your own there is no way you could have been one of the first investors in Facebook. This models not only offers that as a possibility, it incentives the startups that will revolutionise the world future to seek out investment from Nexves directly. You can bepart of the most powerful network on earth, simply by doing something you already do. Leaving your money in a bank account.

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