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How To Set Up A Home Office

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The rise of flexible job roles, digital tech careers and more freelance opportunities around the world has led more people into working from the comfort of their home, especially during this Covid19 pandemic. However, in order to get the best and ensure quality service deliveries, remote workers need the right tools to assist their craft.

Remote working is in no way different from a conventional office space, only that it gives room for flexibility as to when and how remote workers get things done. As a remote worker, you will obviously need a smartphone, laptop, modems, chair, desk and several other great pieces of equipment that can give your spare bedroom that professional office feel.

Below are 6 Essentials For Setting Up A Home Office:

1. Chair

The chair is one of the most important equipment in any office whether home or not and I don’t think an office should exist without a chair. An ergonomically designed chair is worth investing in if you want to ensure a great home office environment.

A good office chair should have ergonomic features such as a strong, padded arm and back support that will be comfortable for a longer period of working.

2. Display

The importance of a nice display equipment can’t be overemphasized in every office. Whether or not you are working from a laptop, you will likely require an external quality monitor to display your work. You can go for a 24-inch screen sized monitor with a bright IPS screen to allow you to view several windows all at the same time.

External monitors are commonly used by software engineers to view several lines of code, graphic designers, visual producers, and similar other jobs.

3. Data Storage

Getting yourself a strong storage option is actually an important part of the home office set up like most of your work will have to do with file sharing, uploads and many more. You should consider getting both local and cloud storage options to make syncing of data convenient and easier.

Some of the most popular cloud storage are Google Drive, Microsoft one which offers free storage of about 15GB each and attracts a little amount of money for expansion. You can equally sign up on Dropbox if you need more cloud backup for your files.

4. A Pet

This might sound a little disturbing but it’s always a good idea to have pets around the home office just to have some sort of engagement within your natural environment.

Dogs and cats are the most popular kind of pets you can find in offices around the world as it makes the offices more fun and lively. Some offices do have fishbowls in the offices as well.

5. Stationeries

Stationeries in the home office should include a whiteboard, sticky notes, marker, notepad, and other writing materials. Getting yourself stationeries in the home office will make work easier for you and can improve the level of productivity. You may need to put down some few ideas in writing using the sticky notes on the whiteboard or jot down a few points from your clients, partners, and webinars on the notepad.

6. Portable Power Backup

The activity of any office is solely dependent on the supply of electrical power because most of the day’s work involves the use of machines or tools that need an electrical power supply to operate. Office equipment such as PC, Printers, Air conditioners and lots more need power supply to operate the tools and do the work of the day. Being a home office setup, you can get a portable inverter or solar power unit with about 5 KVA to assist power up a few pieces of equipment should there be an impromptu power shutdown.

These are just some of the essentials to get your home office running and comfortable. There are several other tools that may be required for your home office such as a microphone, camera, whiteboards and lots more depending on your job demands and personal needs.

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