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Why is Two Uber Pools Cheaper Than One?

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Saving Money on Uber Rides:

I wanted to take a trip of 14 miles. Because of heavy traffic in my city(Bangalore). It usually takes an hour.

I punched in the source and destination

Uber Pool shows a price of Rs.419 or $6.49 . I thought, What if I take two trips?

The total now comes to $4.02. I can save $2.

Well, did you take that trip?

I had an uber pass. The special price was around $6 (I don’t have screenshots, The above screenshots was taken much later). I took two trips.

The total cost was $3. I saved 50%.

Why is this the case?

I am not sure, but all I can say is this has something to do with Algorithms Uber use to calculate prices. Split your long trips into shorter once and you can save a lot.


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