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How to Pronounce Doggie Coin


The doggie is in heat and everyone wants a piece of this meme cryptocurrency. Elon Musk has been pumping it for a while. Now with Snoop Dogg morphing into the Snoop Doge, the joke cryptocurrency is hot.

It is so hot now I have seen Dogecoin charts on CNBC and Bloomberg. I have also chuckled as the commentators stumble over 'Dogecoin' on the teleprompter. It might be Dog-E-coin at first, then they call it Dodge-coin followed by Dough-ja-coin. Now they grin thinking they finally got it right!

The Shiba Inu is grinning that is for sure. Frankly, the pooch is probably laughing his canine @$$ off. Nobody knew the cryptocurrency's name and now everyone THINKS they know the name of the latest and hottest cryptocurrency out there. LMAO

I admit that in my head, I always call it DoggyCoin, because the first time I saw it, I thought the meme was cute. I like cute doggies, but that is not the correct way to say the world's favorite cryptocurrency's name. I try to purge that Doggy word from my mind, but then I will stumble. Sometimes I will say "Dojah"coin. Maybe I think this sounds like I have some street cred, like Sister Soulja. I am not sure why this tongue slip occurs

How to Pronounce Dogecoin

One of the inventors confirms it is "DOhj"coin. They were Japanophiles. The name is made up but "sounds" Japanese. Their chosen mascot is the Shiba Inu. It is pronounced DO - long O and then the G is a kind of soft J sound, then the E is completely silent... "dohj"coin -> #dogecoin.

There you go. You will not make a fool of yourself at the latest "gathering", how ever it is you gather in this new pandemic world. You now know how to pronounce the latest, the hottest, and easily the CUTEST cryptocurrency around.

#dogecoin will always be DoggyCoin to me though.


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