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How to Predict News: Message Sequence Analysis & Digital Intuition

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We can be warned about upcoming events predominantly occurring under similar circumstances. A news forecast is similar to a weather forecast which becomes more accurate when more complex algorithms are used.

The crowd opinion is based on the news which many people have become aware of. Governance is a technology that is based on experience.

If public opinion is manipulated repeatedly, the algorithm will indicate anomaly and similarity. Suspicion is still not an accusation. However, when patterns are discovered, manipulators are exposed.

The project of is important both for conspiracists and anti-conspiracists. If the interrelation between conflicts and natural phenomena is discovered, it means someone has an instrument to blackmail. This is interesting, and people's attention is a liquid commodity nowadays. It's only a matter of time to find interesting connections if you have a large amount of data.

We are working on identifying statistical links in the sequence of news items, adverts, or other messages. Incoming messages are classified according to several attributes. Selective reclassification is used to account for different trait assessment interpretations. The messages converted into code form an estimator matrix.

To detect a pattern in a message sequence on a timescale, it is necessary to compare matrix fragments that follow either before or after messages with the same assessment value according to one or more traits. The correlation dependence with the same data filter on the superimposed time segments is assessed. If the correlation dependence for two or more matrix fragments is high, the data filter becomes narrower.

Data on settings and search results are stored in the database as a pattern. The examples discovered are assessed by a person for significance. A new or repeated pattern search starts with settings combining two or more known patterns with similar message codes. The patterns with high significance assessment are more often used to create combined search settings. The data filter is additionally extended using random values.

Figuratively speaking, the pattern search criteria evolved by crossing, mutation, and selection. The analysis predictive power is expressed in the assessment of probability with which the new or probable message fits into the previously identified pattern. The past message sequence examples show what typically happens under similar circumstances.

There is no intention to replace a human but to expand cognitive abilities using additional memory and collective experience analysis. It's a tool for the reconstruction of factors affecting a person’s opinion. In times of crisis, trust in experts declines. The significance of digital intuition will grow with time.

Patent LT6685: Translation; Original

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