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How to Overcome Resistance and Become More Productive Person

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The greatest projects humankind has undertaken are not acknowledged for their ease of execution. Obviously, they are great because they are incredibly hard to do.

However, being hard is not the only requirement for something to have value, but all worthwhile things are hard.

Which means, there is a powerful force between us and their complete execution, turning things more difficult for us, called “resistance”.

Have you ever wondered why it is so much more appealing to browse for memes instead of writing that report?

Have you ever wondered why suddenly, your dog goes into a fit of frenetic barking, just when you are trying to focus on that piece of algorithmic code which could solve world hunger someday?

Yep, it is because of resistance.

Resistance is responsible for great distress and bad phenomena in this Universe.

Sadly, we cannot eradicate resistance, it is the bane of all programmers and intellectual professions.

We can, however, become stronger and less vulnerable to its effects, temporarily at first, but after years and years of training, it might become a permanent thing.

The most widely accepted way to accomplish this, is by entering the avatarish state called “The Pro”:

  1. The Pro does not over-identify with their work, they do not take failure or success personally.
  2. The Pro is a results-oriented production machine of doom.
  3. The Pro finds it funny that a puny dog is trying to disrupt their laser-like focus.
  4. The Pro has mastered channeling the creative power of Flow at will.
  5. The Pro needs lots of coffee. (some of the most powerful channelers prefer tea)

With great power comes great responsibility—be responsible with this power and create great things for humanity.

A Pro is not afraid to contribute with the community. Share your knowledge with others and build great things together.

Of course, the Pro is not a permanent state at first and you must unwind and have fun as well. Reward yourself, do not be ashamed of it, but beware that rewards must be deserved.

Have great day, and if you have the time, follow me on LinkedIn.

Leonardo Venturini is a young developer and digital entrepreneur from Brazil, having worked on small ERP and CRM systems. He has a huge passion for entrepreneurship, programming, data modeling and software architecture.

Picture: Photography of Person Typing by Christina Morillo


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