How to not run your company by@vinikatyal

How to not run your company


This is a general article that i wanted to write from what i have noticed in my 3 year 3 month stint at 3 companies 2 of which were startups.

People are the most important assets of any organisation be it a Startup , Mid Sized or a Large company. If not respected or understood can lead to the failure of any established company.

I have had many of my coworkers leave their companies because of being undervalued at their organisations even though they gave it there best.

Here is the list:

  1. Value your employees , they can make or break you.
  2. Don’t ridicule your employees in front of coworkers it can have far reaching consequences.
  3. Praise them when they deserve it and also let them know their short comings.
  4. Be involved as managers and be a part of everything. Take your employees out for lunches , dinners be involved.
  5. Give them space let them explore what they want to do. Give them the freedom to experiment.

All the above are just my personal observations which i have had and in the end people don’t leave companies they leave their managers.

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