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How To Nail Your Next Remote Job Interview

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@taimoorTaimoor Sattar

I am an independent designer and developer.

Let's face it, there's a lot that could go wrong in a remote interview. The technical glitches alone could change the whole tone.

Here, I'll discuss some of the ways you can increase the chances of rocking your remote interview.

Preparation Makes a Huge Difference

Be prepared for all the typical interview questions. There are a few additional ways you can get the context you need before the job interview:

  • read the job description
  • study company core values
  • connect with the interviewer

Read about the job description, the skills the recruiter might ask about, and what the company actually wants.

Write a list of the key skills mentioned in the job description.

Study the company website, especially their mission statement, product, news, or values. Also, find them on social media and how you can (or can't?) blend in the environment and culture of the company.

Connecting with the interviewer can make a huge difference. Ask the interviewer, topics interested to ask in the interview and about the coding environment. Ask the recruiter for his current role in the company. For better communication with the interviewer, you can ask what communication medium would prefer like Skype, or Hangout, etc.

Test Your Setup

Test you set up before the interview call. There are many things you should check for testing your setup:

  • use a quiet location
  • use headphones (comfortable)
  • make sure the microphone is pointing at your face

Check the video

The interviewer might ask to have a video chat with him. You should make sure that your video setup is working well. There are many things to look for video checking. In the video conference, you might look at below points

  • Make eye contact with the camera as you whole focus should be on the interviewer.
  • Desk light point to face.
  • Slide your eyeglasses down to avoid shining of desk light onto the eyeglasses.
  • The dark background might disturb the visual of the camera

Timing is important

Be present 5 to 10 min before the interview started. Late attending of the conference will lead to a bad impression on the interviewer. Make sure you take a bathroom, get some water, take paper and pen for note-taking, charge laptop and cell phone as required.

Solving A Coding Problem

The interviewer might ask you to solve a particular problem based on your skill set. Your first approach should not go for an affection solution but shows some results first. Write a small testable function. Sometimes, the interviewer is not looking for the exact answer for the coding challenge. But he might review for your approach for doing the problem. Ask the interviewer, if you need a break during the code challenge.

Concluding Lines

Your successful communication with the interviewer is the key to your success. You might go through rejection periods during your job interviews. You should not lose hope. Remember, you can look for a remote job anywhere in the world. Keep your options open!


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