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How to Merge PDFs Without Adobe Acrobat

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For a task or assignment, different members are responsible for different parts. So, it's very common that the team must conclude the respective results at last. If their results are in the PDF formats, they must merge the PDFs to reach the final result. There are still many other occasions that we need to merge PDF files.

Why not use Adobe Acrobat DC to merge PDF?

  • Many people would like to use Adobe Acrobat DC to merge PDF because it's a professional and wonderful desk PDF reader. However, you must pay for its services at last. Firstly, you have a 7-day trial for free use, but then you have to pay USD 14.99 each month for Pro DC, or USD 12.99 for Standard DC. As we can see, the price is still a little high. So, it must be wonderful if we can use a free website or a PDF converter!

Method 1 - Ideal PDF converter to merge PDF - EasePDF

EasePDF is an online converter with diverse tools such as Word to PDF, PDF to Excel, Merge PDF, Unlock PDF, and so on, which is also easy to operate. The quality of the converted files is superior if you use the tools in EasePDF. Multi-language converting is the newest-promoted function in EasePDF. There are still many other tools and functions being developed at present.

If you want to merge PDF in EasePDF, you can go to the homepage of EasePDF first and click the tool "Merge PDF" directly. All of the tools in EasePDF are easy to operate, and the tool "Merge PDF" is not an exception. After you add the corresponding files, the server will merge your PDF files based on your needs automatically.

Method 2 - Merge PDF Files by Smallpdf

Smallpdf is also a wonderful PDF converter that is easy to use. At present, it possesses 21 tools like Compress PDF, Protect PDF, and other tools. Smallpdf is featured by sound safety. So, it's unnecessary to worry that your data may be stolen. Similarly, you can have a 14-day free trial before paying for their services. The drawback is that you will have time limits (twice per hour) if you use the Smallpdf without paying a cent!

If you want to use Smallpdf to merge PDF files, you can click the tool "Merge PDF" in Smallpdf to combine multiple PDFs into one unified document. The operation of Smallpdf is very easy as well.

Method 3 - Merge PDF Files by Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a reliable, intuitive, and portable PDF software you can use wherever you are. Soda PDF offers powerful tools for creating and editing PDF files. For instance, the electronic signature service provides individuals and businesses with much convenience if they want to sign a contract and other documents. The services and functions that Soda PDF offers are professional and comprehensive. However, it is a little complicated to use
and you must pay when you use some of the tools.

It's worthwhile to mention that some people will encounter such occasions that the converting speed is too slow. There are two possible reasons for this. Firstly, your PDF files are too large. The solution is that you can compress PDF or split PDF into several small PDF files. The other reason is that your network is not stable. So, maybe you can check the stability of your network first.

These three methods to merge PDF all have their own advantages and disadvantages respectively. You can choose any of them based on your own needs. Personally, I will prefer EasePDF because it is free of charge and you can enjoy many tools and functions that other websites and software have and don't have.


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