How To Make Your Website Generate More Leads and Sales From The Same Web Trafficby@sashe
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How To Make Your Website Generate More Leads and Sales From The Same Web Traffic

by SasheMay 10th, 2023
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Not everyone who visits your website is in the mood to hop on a call with you or your representative. Some people don’t like to use the phone at all.

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Let’s start with this:

Not everyone who visits your website is in the mood to hop on a call with you or your representative. Some people don’t like to use the phone at all.

I know that because I’m one of them…

If I can skip the “call part,” I will gladly choose to do it every single time. The average duration of my phone calls with relatives or friends is like 30 seconds or less. And that’s if they somehow couldn’t reach me online to make the arrangement.

In my leisure time, I’m a man of a few words…


The same goes for using email. What I’m talking about isn’t media related.

I’m not one of them, but there are people who just hate writing long emails and hate receiving them too.

And what do most corporate or freelancing websites do?

They offer phone calls and email messaging as the primary and often-only methods to contact their representative.

That’s a major mistake!

Nowadays, there are many different ways to communicate, and that’s why different people have different preferences.

So to start getting more leads and customers from your website, it’s easy as that:

Give your website visitors more ways to contact you.

The standard ones are:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Contact Form

But what about:

  • Comment Form

It requires you to have a blog section and regularly publish content. “Regularly” means from once a day to once a month. With every new article, you get one more chance to generate an email lead.

  • Email Newsletter Form

It requires you to publish an email newsletter at least once a month. But it’s one of the best ways to keep in touch with past, current, and future clients.

  • Push Notification

A bit impersonal method of contact. It requires you to update your website frequently, so you have reasons to push notifications. You can generate useful content for your blog, or you can offer stuff like “hot offer of the day.”

  • Joining Social Media Group

Social media groups kinda work like newsletters, but more work is involved because the groups must be moderated. The benefits include the potential to attract tens of thousands and even - hundreds of thousands of users.

There are whole businesses solely driven by Facebook or LinkedIn groups.

  • Various Lead Magnets Forms

You can offer in exchange for emails different guides, cheat sheets, spreadsheets, calculators, quizzes, small apps, online courses, videos, etc.

With each one created, you get one more chance to get in touch…

  • Links to Social Media Profiles

Social media is now a regular part of our lives. We all use at least one of the major ones. So it’s a good idea to find out where your desired audience hangs out and maintain an active presence there.

  • Calendar & Booking Form

You can start scheduling “discovery calls,” online meetings, webinars, consultations, and whatever else you want. The best part is that you schedule in advance; that way, you always know you’re fully booked.

  • Instant Chat

This one is really important for the younger generation. They want it all and want it right now. So often, if they have a question, the one who answers them quickly gets their business.

  • Support Forum

It can be a significant asset for your company or freelance business because a support forum can become a knowledge base full of useful advice on real-life issues related to your services. So when new visitors come to your website, they get the option to ask for help and the option to find and read already answered questions.

  • Sign Up Forms

You can come up with various restricted areas for your website. For example, you can publicly show only the asked questions in your support forums but provide the answers after the users make a free account.

  • Physical Address

It’s a big trust factor if the customer can visit your office. Of course, in our global society, where we do business internationally, this rarely is an option. One good substitution for an office visit is to take pictures and videos of our workplace.

That way, we show that we’re “real”…

  • Showrooms

Even if we sell online only, it’s a good idea to have a showroom where our customers can come and physically inspect the product we offer. One in-person demonstration of a product is a thousand times more effective than any article or video.

All this gives your visitors multiple touch opportunities on your website and a chance for you to get access to them so you can keep communicating with them.

As we discussed in my previous article from this series, not everyone who visits your web pages is in the mood to become your customer or client right away. But many are searching for advice and information to help them solve their issue.

So they will gladly use many alternative methods to contact you if they’re offered help and free gifts.

It’s like the adage by Lao Tzu “If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence.”

Be Happy,


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