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How To Make Wireframing Work for SEO And Digital Marketing Success

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Whenever the search of a particular product comes to a point of the synonym with typing a query, the need for SEO in such a business is a major focus. Google has stated out that the major concentration of SEO marketing should be based on quality content investment, and for this reason, a good number of marketers have made investments in SEO.

The reason why this great numbers of marketers have done this is to enable a search-friendly fashion kind of site for their business. There is this mistake that a lot of small businesses make. They try to construct a website that has very rich content and fail to plan the infrastructure before time. It is recommended that you make a wireframe of your website's structure instead because this will make sure that contents are made viral in your sight through a strategic means.

And this would also add ease for search engines and viewers that enter your page.

What is the wireframe?

Wireframes can be simply defined as a form of rough sketch display of what is meant to be, it has a fully designed look at times but it is non-functional and it's the basic representation of the main user interface. The aim of the wireframes to enable users and site owners to display their thoughts and ideas and not needing much commitment with their efforts and time.

It is also good assistance before the laugh of the main interface by helping the designers perform all changes need to suit the needs and recommendations of various viewers or members.

Why A Wireframe Necessary?

As a web designer or site owner, you should always think about the contents of your site and how they fall into different categories. You have to make use of wireframes to make it a lot easier for you when carrying out content creation. When doing this, try to view your site like a physical structure as this would make it easier for you. The second reason for doing this is because this would give you a clear view of what you need to do in the arrangements of content on your site.

Most people feel irritated when they try to search for particular content in the category where it is supposed to be and it's nowhere near there. These issues are common with search engine spiders and viewers that are unable to find the needed pages they are searching for. Here are some reasons why you should make use of wireframes;

โ€ข Helps To Determine The Site's Structure

Wireframes have a big role to play in the determination of the site's structure. Wireframes make it easier for viewers to navigate your site by the proper arrangements of contents in their various categories.

โ€ข Helps To Research Keywords

The foundation that each page requires is laid by the help of wireframes. The wireframe is also linked with the incorporation of the searched keywords to help enhance its ability to provide viewers and search engines with their desired search results.

โ€ข Put It Together

Making use of wireframes would keep you a good level of logical details of your site and what viewers tend to add and expect. The site structures and accurate researched keywords are the basic expectations of every viewer and search engines. Therefore, if this is put in place by the help of wireframes, you would have an increase in the level of check-ins. Your site would be a success and a potential boost for the main interface.

The nonexistent conflict between Design and SEO

Most website owners and web designers regard SEO as a second option in usability and development, a subsidiary to any design and alternative generally. If you can regard SEO as a needed thing for the implement anta toon it works and views it the same way you view other planning phases, you would successfully eradicate the usual conflicts that arise between team members. Here, Conflict is regarded as a term used when SEO runs counter to meet the needs of the available UX designers and the visuals involved. This is also considered to he false by speculations because it has been noted that SEO can work very well with Design in different circumstances. When you think about a popular trending design that works best with SEO, what should come to your mind first is flat designs. It is common because of its small size of flat illustrations.

And also, when high-definition photography is made use of, it can slow down the loading time of a website. But the flat illustrations are of a low-definition and therefore much easier to load. The process of site navigation is also another area where Design and SEO intersects. It is an area of intersection because the link that joins between subpages and homepage could serve as a really good SEO boost when implemented artfully and this could also lead to a creation of engagement to various users.


For you to be able to achieve success in your site, you have to make plans that would lead to that. Not only planning alone, but it must be in some form careful collaboration planning that will include all actions that will be done from the beginning to the very end. You should note that the addition of SEO considerations in a late time to the design process can be a major defect to your design. This is simply trying yo day that your design may end up becoming awkward and your SEO also looking like a patched work. And most importantly, in a situation like this when your site looks irritating and not looking arranged in the sight of viewers, you should get ready to face a high bounce rate and this is a very discouraging experience because all your effort applied in optimization is in vain. That is why we recommend that a good SEO strategy implementation be carried out during the wireframe phase.


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