How to Make Inbox Zero More Achievable Using Apple Mail by@louismin

How to Make Inbox Zero More Achievable Using Apple Mail

Apple Mail can be used as an "email aggregator" that works as a holistic app for you to handle all your incoming emails from Gmail, Outlook, [insert other email service providers], etc. In a nutshell, the "magic sauce" is a mixture of the email forwarding feature all email service providers have and the Apple ecosystem with Apple Mail. The workflow requires all emails to be forwarded to your iCloud email address. After that, the only job to do is to follow an Inbox Zero approach (keeping your inbox empty or almost empty) for your iCloud Inbox. Yes, it's really that simple 🤷‍♂️. In this article, I'll go into further details about why using Apple Mail and basic email forwarding can significantly improve the way you handle your emails.
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