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How To Make A Double Exposure Using The ENLIGHT APP

James Altucher

Yesterday I searched in vain for a good Enlight app tutorial to learn how to make those cool double exposures I’ve been seeing everywhere on the internet.

I watched several videos, but couldn’t seem to figure out the first and most essential part of making the double exposures, so I’ve decided to make my own tutorial. Here you go. For these double exposures, I’m using my iPhone as Enlight is currently only available for Apple.

My daughter and Marcin Osman

If you don’t want to read text, and would prefer to watch a video tutorial of the same material, here you go:

Step 1: Choose a photo with a person in it. Open it in Enlight app.
Step 2: Select IMAGE from drop down menu.
Step 3: Select ADJUST.
Step 4: Select TOOLS.
Step 5: Select BASIC.
Step 6: Select OFFSET.
Step 7: Run your finger along screen to the right until screen is 100% white.
Step 8: Select MASK.
Step 9: Select WIPE.
Step 10: Rub your finger on screen to make image appear.
Step 11: If you rub too much image, select APPLY to remove it.
Step 12: After you’ve made the image of the person and have a 100% white background, hit the CHECK MARK in upper right hand corner.
Step 13: Select the SAVE button, and hit SAVE PHOTO.
Step 14: Choose your background photo. Forests, fish, trees work well for this bleed-through imagery. Open this photo in Enlight.
Step 15: Select TOOLS.
Step 16: Select MIXER.
Step 17: Choose your person image that has the 100% white background.
Step 18: Select TOOLS.
Step 19: Select BLENDING.
Step 20: Select SCREEN.
Step 21: Experiment with transparency by running your finger horizontally on iPhone screen.
Step 22: Select TOOLS to move your person image around, finding best place for the double exposure. Enlarge or make smaller, by using two fingers on screen.
Step 23: When your image looks good, select the check mark.
Step 24: Crop your image. Select CANVAS, then CROP.
Step 25: Select FILTERS
Step 26: Select BW
Step 27: Choose what looks cool.
Step 28: Hit CHECK MARK.
Step 29: Under FILTERS, select DUO
Step 30: Again, mess around until you find some filter that looks cool (I like Playa).
Step 31: Hit CHECK MARK
Step 32: Select SAVE button, then hit SAVE PHOTO.

You’re done. :)

My bleeding head photo is more like a quadruple exposure with dripping blood added at the end. I’ll have to make a different tutorial for that one.

Daphne Young

If that wasn’t enough, here’s an animated step-by-step video showing you how to make a fish man.

Interestingly, Polish entrepreneur, Marcin Osman, is sending me some Tom’s deodorant in exchange for creating the double exposures pictured above. You might know Marcin because he’s the entrepreneur who recently got Gary Vaynerchuk’s book in Polish bookstores. Anyway, Marcin and I are both in the Choose Yourself Facebook group and last night he saw my double exposure of James Altucher in the news feed. He asked if I could make one of him, and he was polite and asked me what I needed in return. I told him Tom’s deodorant (I hate buying essentials). He’s sending it to me as we speak. I finished about 5 different double exposures for him. I like to over deliver.

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