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How To Lead Digital Transformations

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Digital transformation can be defined as a process whereby an organization shifts their business models, processes, and organizational culture with digital technologies to adapt to changing customer behaviors.

A digital transformation strategy aims to create the agile capabilities of fully leveraging the possibilities and opportunities of new technologies and their impact faster, better and in more innovative way in the future.

However, a recent leadership study on digital transformation by Dell unveils most organizations are unprepared:

  • 45% fear becoming obsolete in 3–5 years
  • 48% are unaware of what their industry will look like in 3 years
  • only 5% are classified as Digital Leaders

Transformational journeys require acurate assessments, learning, growth, and monitoring of:

  • People and Culture;
  • Capacity and Capabilities;
  • Innovation; and
  • Technology.

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