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How to Integrate Slack Notifications to your App in 5 minutes

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It should be no surprise if some of your users ask you to integrate with Slack. But, a lot of others would use it if it was available to them, they are just silent about it.

So, how can your app support Slack? What is the fastest way to build it without increasing technical debt?

The tedious path to integrate Slack yourself

When you start working on your integration with Slack there are a few things you need to do:

  • Slack API: you need to understand it; which, for our benefit, is well documented
  • The backend: designing it and coding it, playing with the API Client and OAuth
  • The frontend: design the UI elements, code the whole thing
  • And also: host it, test it, monitor it, and maintain it

You could implement it the quick-and-dirty way, getting things done. But then you would be reducing your code quality, and accumulating technical debt.

This is a lot of complex work for something that should be straightforward. We are talking several hours of work for your team.

And that is only for one app, for your product.
How many other teams are creating lines of code for the same results?

Five minutes Slack Notifications, for all!

One morning, my co-founder Cédric Fabianski and I decided to solve this painful issue of integrating Slack notifications.

It’s a swift solution to integrate Slack Notifications in five minutes to your app, copy paste a few lines of code and be ready up-and-running:

  • It’s completely decoupled
  • It’s optimized
  • And finally, it does not duplicate any more code!

Think of it as a quick MVP tool: you don’t need to invest too much time and you get a lot done.

It also makes you autonomous, because you don’t need a backend developer to install it, and it’s only a few lines of HTML and JS to copy paste.

Oh, and it’s free and the code is completely Open Source.

Yup, you have no excuse: the time you have spent reading this article is the same to start playing with it.

Make sure to check it out now: 

Thank you!


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