Browsers weren’t built to handle your work life! by@g_montard

Browsers weren’t built to handle your work life!

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Guillaume Montard

You probably noticed like me that today most of your daily work life happens to be located in your Web browser (aka SaaS), right?

Sadly, browsers haven’t really changed in decades and yet we still use them for a usage they haven’t been built for.

For example my friends and I were struggling with simple things, like switching between tons of tabs & handling notification nudges and at the end of the day just try to be productive.

A year ago we decided it was enough and decided to find a solution. After realizing we really liked the experience on Mobile (Centralized search, notification center etc.), we decided to build Station App:

The one app to rule them all!

After many long nights, we are happy to be publicly launching Station today! Now we’d love to have your feedback to help push this new experience forward.


Meet Station, one App to rule them all!

Make sure to go check it out now:

Thank you!


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