How to Integrate Github with Google Sheets Using Choreo by@kavishkafernando

How to Integrate Github with Google Sheets Using Choreo

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Although Github provides a summary of repositories I have personally seen many project/product managers using Google sheets to keep track of issues and other repository related summary details. It’s a tiresome task to manually copy-paste these details into a google sheet. Choreo makes this integration between Github and Google Sheets super easy!

Let’s see how we can do this integration in a few minutes.

  1. Login to the Choreo developer portal through


  2. Click on Get Started in the Integrations card and click on Create.


  3. Insert your integration service name under the Create with Choreo card and click on Create.


  4. Select the Github webhook trigger and select Connect to GitHub and provide authorization for Choreo to access your Github account.


  5. Provide the following details for the Github Trigger.

    1. Select a GitHub Repository which lists all your available repositories.
    2. Select the event you want to add to your sheets. It can be issues, labels, pull requests or anything else listed in the dropdown.
    3. Select the action related to the event you selected. I selected issues and i’m going to extract the opened issues.
    4. After adding all the details, click on Save.


  6. Select Google Sheets under API calls and provide Choreo authorization to connect to Google Sheets and click on Save.


  7. Select the necessary operation related to Google Sheets that satisfies your requirement and provide the following details. I selected the Append Row operation.

    i. Create a Google sheet and provide the Google Sheet ID.

    ii. Provide the Worksheet name.

    You can add the row values required to be shown in the sheet. I want the following details and the corresponding Row value item is shown below.

    iii. Click on Add Item after inserting each Item value.

    a. Issue url : event.issue.html_url b. Issue title : event.issue.title c. Issue created time: event.issue.created_at

    You can refer to the Github issues API for more properties:

    After adding all the details, click on Save.


  8. Click on the Run & Test button at the bottom of the page to test your integration.

    You can create a new issue in. your Github repository and check whether the issue is recorded in the Google sheet.


    In a few minutes, you have integrated Github with Google sheets to record the newly created issues in your repository.

    Choreo just made every manager’s life so much easier!


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