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How to Hire a React Native Developer in India

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Since its introduction in the mobile app development industry, React Native has become the fastest growing technology for the development of Android and iOS apps.

Hiring the best person to do your job is one of the difficult tasks to achieve. With so many development companies in the market, it is quite complicated and time-consuming to decide the one which can deliver you the best outcome of your requirements.

To make things simpler, we have come with few guidelines that you can keep in while looking for the right React developer to hire for your mobile app development project.

1. Hiring React Developers for Mobile App or Components

React Native is the open-source platform that uses React framework developed by Facebook.

It provides all the basic components that are required to build a good User Interface (UI) for Android and iOS platforms. However, internally these components use Android UI components and iOS UIKit.

Since every part developed with React is a component itself, you need to decide whether you want the developer to build a whole new application or just the UI components which can be integrated to any existing app build on any technology stack.

2. The skill set of the React Developer

The developer must have the required skill set to fulfill your expectations for the app development. Some of the basic and advanced skills that a React Native Developer must have are:

· Good command over fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

· Familiarity with CSS preprocessors like Sass and LESS

· Working knowledge of JavaScript libraries like jQuery or Backbone.js

· Skills for front-end CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation

· Knowledge of other JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS would be a bonus

· Know how to use JavaScript build tools like Bower, Gulp or Grunt

· Expertise in React.js development

· Experience in Unit Testing with React Testing Tools like Karma or Jest

It would be great if the developer has a mixed skill set of working with both front-end and back-end technologies, including the server-side technologies.

3. React Developer from a Professional firm vs. Freelancer

Whether you have a big project or a modest one, the main aim is to hire the best developer in the industry. You can either hire a freelancer or a developer from a professional company.

While both of them have their own benefits, there are few points that you can consider before you finalize which one to choose.

· Scalability and Reliability in Service

· Overall Cost Charged by Provider

· Trust in the Outsourcing Partner

· Understanding of the Business

· Having Served to a Similar Domain

· Ability to Provide Innovative Solutions

· Acceptability to External Auditors

· Communicate in a Common Language

· International/Global Presence

You can go through their profile or website, or get in touch with their previous and existing clients to clarify the above-mentioned factors.

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