How to get your iPhone X 256GB and Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular on the release day

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It’s been a while to write an another article on Medium.

A few month ago, I wrote a story “How you get sold out AirPods without waiting for 6 weeks” and talked about how I got my Airpod.

I am one of many people who want to buy the world unlocked iPhone X 256GB and/or Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular…, but I do not have a patient to wait (camp) at the front of Apple store on the release day, or wait the pre-order to be delivered after 2–4 weeks from the release day.

I am relying on IsInStock to give me the timely notification on the release day, where I can order the iPhone X and the watch.

It is quite easy to set up a notification and it is free. You just go in and set a notification for the item you want to get notified.

Then you are good to go.

iPhone X Notification
AppleWatch Notification

I should receive notifications from the store near by when they have the items in stock.

Well, I can’t guarantee if I and you can get what we want on the day, but it does increase the chance. It worked for AirPod for me, and hoping it works for the upcoming gadgets.

Please let me know by comments if you did succeed.

Good luck to you (and me)!!


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<Update as of 9/25>

I have my AppleWatch Cellular + GPS now.

It is not because of IsInStock notification, but I just went to the Apple Store in the morning of Sept 22 and bought it right there.

There was a line for pick up (people who reserved), and a line for making reservation. I made reservation in the morning, and came back to pick up at 1:00pm.

I did not receive any notification from IsInStock as of today yet — Quite disappointing results…

As for the AppleWatch, I did not like the watch very well…

I probably had an unreasonably high expectation for the watch.

I thought the watch would change my daily activities — No more missing calls, emails, notifications, slack chat etc. and better navigation while driving, encourage me to do more work-out or activities like running, swimming.

Although it helps, all these functions mentioned above were much limited than I was expecting. (you only get mentioned slack message, etc.)

Also, I was not able to test cellular connectivities due to some technical issue on AT&T this weekend.

I think, I might be fine without the watch (as I was before) and just need a better smartphone — iPhone X after all.


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