How to get potential crypto investors to buy and HODL (believe in) your cryptocurrency?

March 1st 2018
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@adityAhluwaliaAditya Ahluwalia

Take my money and go !!

913 crypto companies did an ICO in 2017 !! that is almost 3 new coins everyday.

Almost 2000 plus will do an ICO in 2018 taking this number to 7 coins being released every day.

i.e. 7 potential crypto investing opportunities every day !!

But the problem is that a typical crypto investor has a limited bag of money.

The question is how to get a share from this limited bag of money?

I have also come across another peculiar problem while talking to CEOs who have raised money via ICOs.

A lot of people who invest in an ICO push the management to do partnerships, come on exchanges or release random news which might push the price up and they can quickly exit the investment in profit.

This results in CEOs/teams focussing on listings more than the product !!

ICO as a method of raising money is helpful when the initial investors understand the importance of building a high quality product experience and give feedback to increase product value.

So now the question changes to -

How to get a share of investment, from the money bags of relevant, high quality crypto investors?

In other words…

How to match the right crypto investors to the right crypto brands?

No of course the solution can’t be like Tinder !!

But isn’t this how, investors invest in ICOs today?

Founders are focussing on landing page design rather than user education, Product value and Real life impact/use case. Investors are looking for any sort of validation… and because visual validation is easy, they are comfortably going ahead with that !!

We have been thinking and experimenting on this problem and want to share our learning with you.

In our view for the crypto industry visibility and showcasing a metric to attract the right investors will not work. Quality investor engagement will supersede all other efforts.

Gimmer Tokens Case Study

Gimmer a trading bot wanted to reach out to potential ICO investors in our Facebook group Cryptocurrency Trading Geeks We suggested them a new form of online engagement — The online Challenge format

Basic assumption 1 — People love challenges

We verified our assumption and launched the challenge

Basic Assumption 2 — If assumption 1 is right you, can use this to create positive engagement between a crypto brand and its potential investors.

We got over 30 responses in 24 hours and I would like to share with you the top 3

Winner — Rajat Awasthi

What are the benefits of manual crypto trading vs trading crypto using an automated trading bot?

1.Manual trading is better because it relies on human intelligence which can comprehend long term fallouts as well as short term fallouts of dynamic events such as nations banning crypto trading etc which an automated bot will fail to do as it relies on prefixed algorithm with limited maneuvering space.
2. Automated bots know prefixed solutions to pre-specified problems however in a dynamic world such as ours comprehending fallout of events is very important for succesful trading. 
3.FUDs especially can mimic scenarios of a real crash and cannot be understood by a bot. 
4.Manual trading is also better in that it allows us to take decisions based on future expectations such as airdrops or hard forks. in which scenarios the crypto asset currently may be less profitable in eyes of a bot program but combined with the airdrop or hard fork benefits holding it may make more sense.
5. The whole point is “HOLISTIC COMPREHENSION OF A SITUATION” which humans can do better than bots.
6. Automated bot trading is better in that it trumps humans in monitoring an asset 24x7 humans cannot put their daily lives on hold for crypto and that is where bots can help. Also bots are devoid of emotions and wont fall for FOMO or panic sell like humans do. They have clinical precision .
7. However there is another major feature that makes manual trading safer and better than automated one in that bots are programs and programs can have bugs , they can freeze or produce adverse actions than what they were programmed for. And with real money at stake a trader would better avoid that risk.

What features do you expect from an Automated Trading Bot? *

My wish list for an automated trading bot :
1. It should account for hard fork and airdrop additional values while judging profitability of an asset.
2. It can perform cross exchange arbitrage if and when opportunity exists.
3. It should be reasonably “intelligent “ and scan major crypto news for keywords and take action as to warn or alert the human using an alarm on an app.
4. It should Alert human in case it is about to make a move that involves trade or transfer of a value higher than a prefixed amount.
5. It should also perform security actions Such as alert human in case any suspicious trades or transfers which it did not inititate take place.
6. Scan for possible bull or bear runs based on volume growth and rate of price change and alert human accordingly.
7. Should have capability to bypass “bot check mechanisms” of various exchanges or alert human in case it cannot successfully evade it alone.
8. Fast reaction time.1.Manual trading is better because it relies on human intelligence which can comprehend long term fallouts as well as short term fallouts of dynamic events such as nations banning crypto trading etc which an automated bot will fail to do as it relies on prefixed algorithm with limited manoeuvring space.

First Runner up — Akshay Ahluwalia

What are the benefits of manual crypto trading vs trading crypto using an automated trading bot?

1. Cryptocurrency trading is a source of passive income for many. In manual trading few actually have the time to stare at the price charts the whole day but Automated bots/trading can do these redundant, but important activities like price monitoring and stop loss etc. 
2. Automated trading is faster and more efficient than manual trading as bots can do better trades than humans in some cases, as they are not driven by emotions like us. 
All depends on the way you set up the parameters. 
3. We can set up different strategies in place like bollinger band strategy, price action strategy, ping pong strategy etc and be assured that these will be executed without mistake — 24*7, 365 days a year
4. Automated trading can be used to take advantage of market inefficiencies such as arbitrage and money making
5. Automated trading can also take in more data than a human trading. If the strategy applies to a whole bunch of different currency pairs, you can probably only monitor a few at a time. With an automated system, you just plug it into however many charts you want it to monitor and it won’t miss a signal

What features do you expect from an Automated Trading Bot? *

1. It should be cloud based 
2. It should support all of the major cryptocurrency exchanges and altcoins 
3. It should provide simulation of real market and backtesting trading strategies that allow traders to test how their strategy would work in different historical trading conditions.
4. It should have the ability to utilise multiple industry leading indicators such as StochRSI, MACD-Histogram, PPO, Regression Slope Cross and others and give predictive analysis
5. It should be capable of recognising candlestick patterns 
6. The bot should adjust your orders based on market conditions
7. It should have a feature where traders can share and discuss successful trading strategies with each other
8. It should have a repository of trading strategies and should recommend them to the user basis the risk appetite
9. It should update us with all news that can affect cryptocurrency along with fundamental analysis of all coins
10. The funds invested should be accessible and liquid

Second Runner up — Mridul Kamal

What are the benefits of manual crypto trading vs trading crypto using an automated trading bot?

With Manual crypto trading there can be more of a natural style of trading where your profits are much more in your control and is emphasised more on your fundamentals rather than the technical. It also enables to pull out of a very slow moving trade and quickly move onto a new strategy and maximize profits rather than wait till the selected coin hits target. its also taking maximum advantage of the human emotions and is making the best out of it when news and media breaks out. The sense of achievement and motivation to keep continuing is a unique experience in manual trades. Manual trading is also cheap considering a good trading bot costs a lot and might need regular maintenance.
When it comes to Auto Trading Bot, emotionless play and time saving is the biggest take away. A bot always reads data and sticks to plans and this most of the time leads to less loss. It could also deal in various kinds of trading options at the same time. The fact that it needs very less intervention from the user makes it a huge time saver for the trader. Unlike a human, a trading bot has the ability to track most of coins at the same time and execute a strategy for each trade simultaneously without missing out on any opportunity. With the right algorithm, it can lead to consistent high gains and save one from huge losses. With right balance between manual and auto trading bot , its very hard to go in losses. After all, anyone can make huge profits in a day but it’s the ability to reduce your losses that makes a person a better trader.

What features do you expect from an Automated Trading Bot? *

Apart from the Basic Auto Trading bots facility, i would like to see the following features :
Clean and neat interface with intuitive navigation(possibly portfolio details too), margin trading options and arbitrage options, Coin information and stats with charts(may or may not be linked with leading websites doing the same), Technical stats of a trade, Virtual simulation of strategy and back-testing, Auto withdrawals to wallet, API support, Instant alerts of trades on phone/email, trade history database export to excel sheets, Privacy and security of trade information, downloadable file for new strategies for trade implementation, Shadow trading leading traders, Community based suggestions. I don’t support the idea of pump and dump, but if bots could have their own network of communication, user definitely can profit from a planned Bot P&D.

#Round of applause for the hard work :) also the top 5 answers were shared as a post with everyone in the group. This helped others who did not participate also, to understand more about Auto Trading Bots and decide if they want to invest their time and money in the same or not.

The interesting thing to note here is that —

  1. We were able to gamify engagement and concept research using the challenge model of engagement
  2. We were able to generate general perceptions of people around manual vs auto trading (This data can be used to design all the marketing and communication campaigns)
  3. We were able to generate expectations of crypto investors from an Auto trading bot (Data that can be used to plan newer features)

This was the first of the many experiments that we keep on doing with our community members to help them better connect with the crypto brands they love.

If you want to engage with our community members on this onlineChallenge format do reach out to us at

Check out our offline meetup series Crypto Trade Talks. The primary aim of these meetups is to get interested crypto investors together and encourage them to share learning, strategies, tips etc. The last event we did was called Amateur Trader Takedown which was a battle of 7 insightful crypto investors.

Do check out our learning, while building an engaged digital community on crypto here (Currently more than 10,000 members and growing)

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