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How to Get a Job in Crypto

And Where to Look

Where does cryptocurrency come from? If you aren’t all geeked out about cryptocurrency you might never give it a second thought. There’s probably someone in a big bank building somewhere printing it off, right? Wrong. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on blockchain technology, and it requires more coding experts than printing press operators. With the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies has come a boom in cryptocurrency jobs, and there’s probably one out there for you.

A cryptocurrency company in Estonia recently made headlines because it advertised a job for a “meme specialist” — a job which has since been filled. There are all kinds of professional roles that need to be filled in the cryptocurrency world, however. Cryptocurrency startups need copywriters, marketers, business development specialists, blockchain engineers, software engineers, and more. What’s more, the base salary for most of these jobs starting out is over $70k a year, and many come with the ability to work remotely.

Last year there was more than a 200% increase in advertising for cryptocurrency jobs on, though you would be more likely to find your next crypto career on Crypto Jobs List, Upwork, or AngelList. Learn more about the growing field of cryptocurrency jobs from this infographic!

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