How To Get 700+ Github Stars in One Weekby@kumakint
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How To Get 700+ Github Stars in One Week

by Revolist OUJanuary 26th, 2021
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How to quickly get your open source product promoted on GitHub.

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Today our project Revogrid received crossed 750+ stars mark. And 600 of them happened to us in the last 2 days.

I think each of us came to GitHub with some goal. Most of us bound to the idea of organic promotion. According to it a good project is enough to become famous itself. But there are too many of them and we have to live with it.

This is a very short instruction on how to get your first stars:

1. Solve pain

Write a project which the world has necessary in. You can't make people love it if there is no solution to their pain;

2. Good a Readme

This is the easiest part you can start with. You just have to learn from the best. I would start with, you can come with your own better sample;

3. Leave "cold stay zone"

Get your first stars. Find a channel you like: Friends, colleagues, or some channel you start with.

4. And here we go

The best way to launch your ship into space is to get visible by media.

Best way to get into GitHub trending.

How to do that:

  1. Timing is important. If you aiming to be visible you have to get a significant amount of start in a short period of time;
  2. Describe your project for media: start with writing down a very simple and beautiful description. According to which even your granny can understand what it is. Follow it with a promo picture. Better have 2
  3. Make sure you started your Twitter live and most of us like short news from each other;
  4. Start your activity on Reddit if you aren't there yet;
  5. Collect your channels in one place. You'll need them soon. I would suggest some, but discover your own too:

Methodically start posting to your collected channels. Also, keep answering comments. This is very important, doesn't matter how harsh they are.

There is no clear mark where your project gets trended, for us, it was 160+ stars. But there were a lot of projects with 100+ stars and a smaller amount. The good thing is you'll get a lot of feedback about your project by this moment and will see different perspectives around it.

I wish you luck and no matter what keep trying.

Next post I would like to make is how to find influencer. This is another technique for a long game run.