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How to fix Facebook Groups UX

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Before they implement Subscription Groups…

Sometimes all you need is a small change…

As you know, Facebook announced that administrators of certain Facebook Groups could charge monthly fees, from $4.99 to $29.99 a month.

But the problem is that, Facebook’s UX for Groups is not that good, in fact it’s really bad! Because most of us are already subscribed (for free) to too many groups, and unlike professional Internet-forums and online-communities that are charging monthly fees, on Facebook you don’t really have an easy way to access those “forums” (groups), you don’t have an easy to use central screen in which you can access or filter groups by categories, or even sort them in an easy way. If you have joined to a lot of groups, after a while — you’ll forget about them, and you’ll never access most of them in the future.
And let’s face it, Facebook’s search is not amazing! so searching things on groups using Facebook’s global search is not easy. And as a group admin, I want better UX for myself and my group members.

1. Let’s start with discoverability

For the average user, It’s not easy to find the Groups menu item, especially if he/she has a messy sidebar-menu on Facebook. So I believe that the Groups menu item should be discoverable, just like News Feed, Messenger, and Marketplace. So here’s a quick visualization I made, Groups and Pages are also on this sidebar menu-section, right beneath the News Feed!

Groups & Pages should be here!

2. So how Facebook should fix Groups screen?

Well, I’m not paid by Facebook, so I won’t do the job for them ;)
In fact, I wanted to develop a browser add-on to fix that, but why should I?
I want to get a better UX from Facebook, and not only for myself! So I believe that all users should get better UX too, and not only tech-geeks with add-ons.

But since I made a quick UX concept with the simplest solution for that issue, I think it could be implemented very easily by Facebook, at least until Facebook will do something better… But until they’ll take it seriously, here’s what I want to see as a user.

How to fix Facebook Groups UX (Concept)
In case you prefer Gifs

Let me know what you think about it, and in general — are you satisfied with Facebook Groups and the way you navigate between them?

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