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How to Find the Right Online Time Clock for Construction Businesses

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@alex-jamesAlex James

Every year in the United States,construction spending goes up. Is your business ready for these increased costs? As your schedule continues to fill up, you'll need to focus on growing your business as opposed to managing day-to-day tasks, especially if some of these daily tasks can be automated.

Many businesses have already started looking for ways to make workforce and business management more effortless. They are seeking out modern tools so that they're in a better position to serve their current and future customers. One time-saving tool you can start using immediately? A construction online time clock with GPS.

An online time clock system is a stress-free solution for contractors

If there's one thing that should be easy when it comes to running a construction business, it is time tracking. Timesheet management for an entire crew shouldn't take up much time at all. If you continually have to make manual edits, it may be time to consider investing in a time tracking solution.

Why? First and foremost, because a mobile time tracking solution can significantly help contractors run a more profitable and productive operation, and here's how.

A construction online time clock saves time

If you're managing your own crew and working with subcontractors, you probably don't have much spare time to spend on administrative tasks. In fact, you probably wish that some of those administrative tasks could be taken off your plate. The good news is that with time clock solutions, they can.

Web-based timesheet management for construction workers means that punching in and out is as simple as pressing a button. From there, management can review employee hours and use the information gathered to pay employees and invoice customers.

Improved timekeeping accuracy

If your construction time tracking method isn't automated, then there's no way to be sure that the time reported is entirely accurate. If you have two crew members working together, but their hours are different, how are you supposed to know which is correct?

With a construction time clock, employee work hours are accurate down to the second. No more rounding or having to estimate work times; just check the online time card information and get an immediate answer.

Online time clocks provide a more positive customer experience

If a customer calls to see when your crew will arrive, do you open an app? Or do you send out a series of texts or make calls to see where everyone is located? If it's the second option, then it may be time to try a construction time tracking solution.

With a modern GPS time tracking app, you can see if your crew is working at a different location, is on the way, or hasn't punched in yet for the day. Some time tracking apps even provide reminders you can set based on employee schedules, which significantly reduces the chance of missing a shift.

With the right tools and communication methods at your disposal, your customers won't just be excited about the outcome of your work. They will be thrilled with how great the process was from finish to start.

Analyze and optimize productivity

Perhaps one of the best reasons to start time tracking, rather than just saving time and increasing time card accuracy, is to optimize the way your business runs.

Without having accurate records of when, how, and where jobs get done, you won't know where time or money is lost. GPS online time clock software allows you to see exactly how much time is spent at a specific job site.

With the information gained, you can find ways to work smarter over time. This also means having more accurate invoices and estimates because you will know exactly how much time a particular job takes.

What to look for when considering a time clock solution

Implementing a new time clock system can be tough, especially after a crew has worked with one another for a while and likes things the way they are. However, some apps are so simple to use that teams are happy to ditch old paper timesheets or having to call in.

The key is to make sure that the application you choose is simple, that your team is adequately trained on how to use it, and that the vendor you choose is available for questions along the way. For this reason, selecting a vendor that provides support or demos can make a huge difference.

Online time clock features for construction companies

Any suitable time tracking solution will allow you to try it out first. Make sure you have at least a few week's worth of a trial period so that you can understand how the product works. These trials tend to line up with pay periods, so you can also try out payroll features as well if offered.

Here are some of the essential features to look for when choosing your time tracking solution:

Geofencing: Does the application include a geofencing feature that allows you to restrict where employees can punch in and out?

GPS functionality: Can you track employee locations through a mobile app?

Automation: Does employee time tracking information get compiled in an easy-to-read report? Does the solution integrate with other tools so that you can quickly transfer data from one solution to another?

Scheduling: Can you quickly schedule your crew through the
software, and does it connect to time tracking?

Ease of use: Will your crew be able to use the software on their mobile device and also find it valuable?

Flexibility: Does the system allow you to use it in a way that is most helpful for you or your crew?

Here are some potential red flags to watch out for:

  • A system that requires too much setup time.
  • Overly complicated apps, which can cause headaches for your team.
  • Messy or clunky processes.

Regardless of the solution that you choose, it must be adopted by your employees. If you can't get your employees on board with using the new time clock, then there is no point in trying to implement it. Help your employees understand why using a time clock solution can be beneficial. Mention things like how it improves time tracking, which leads to accurate paychecks and how employees will have accountability over their own time tracking process.

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