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How to Enhance Sale with the Use of Augmented Reality in eCommerce

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Among the emerging technologies, augmented reality (AR) is driving the eCommerce industry to the wide horizon. AR in eCommerce has rapidly taken over the customers by enhancing their experience. Consumers’ interest and overall participation level have increased after the introduction of AR in eCommerce.

AR is totally a new way to shop by overcoming all the challenges and exploring online space. In a small span of time, eCommerce transformed into an advanced retailing platform. And with time, it is continuously expanding in new directions with the help of AR technology.

According to Statista, eCommerce sales in 2017 amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars and it is expected to grow up to 4.88 trillion US dollars by the year 2021.

Some Factors That Proof Why AR Boosts Sales


It is noticed that when consumers get engaged with a virtual product that too the 2D printed image, they feel more connected. It offers the user with an intense view of the products that make him/her visit online platform again and again.



The best part of AR is it is helping to change the traditional aspect by introducing virtual platform with some stories or news. The user gets keen to become a part of events and promotions of the virtual products.


Users can’t hold themselves when it comes to AR experiences. The experience is so effective that it attracts the users to experience AR again and again. The appealing and motivating features of the AR try to keep users happy and curious about the product.


AR with 3D visualization helps the user to make an accurate decision. Thus talking about AR service, all products that are going to be purchased have more chance to reduce the return rate. A user without any doubt will purchase the items as AR provides an interactive experience.



Talking about the online store — especially in the case of wearing, where products can only be viewed — does not provide a better user experience. Whereas, AR offers a level of personalization to the customers where they may see themselves in all of the outfits to know which would look best on them.

Why You Should Try Augmented Reality in eCommerce?

In the world of eCommerce, businesses with their brands’ product find innovative ways to interact with customers where AR gives it an innovative edge.

Shopping Support

AR act as a guide when it comes to providing support to the shoppers. Thus, AR can allow business to offer its customers with informed purchase decisions. This way the user can virtually try out their products simultaneously as AR is there to help them choose which one is best.

There are many AR solutions for eCommerce businesses where a virtual salesperson can assist users while shopping. Users trying various products to find which one they’ll buy with AR is more supportive which lacks in online shopping.

Tailored Shopping

AR is helping many businesses to offer the customer with a personalized experience touch while shopping. The user can shop without any compromise when it comes about interests and choice.


Moreover, AR is improving the shopping experience with virtual dimensions and colors of the products. AR can support users who are looking for help to find which item is best suitable for them.

Integrating Images

Customers are very concerned about the sizes and designs while shopping online. Thus, AR has the ability to integrate real objects into projected images. Focusing on eCommerce, AR creates a virtual shopping window to help users with an integration of artificial intelligence. This provides a more engaging way to browse through the various products to shoppers.

This helps provide a more engaging experience where shoppers try out a basic product in person, for example, AR storybooks, AR real estate, AR furniture, AR watch, AR shoes, etc.

Use cases of Augmented Reality in eCommerce

AR is adding value to customer experience to stay engaged on retailer platforms. It is one of the key players in the industry in driving in-store traffic. The future of augmented eCommerce will evolve more with the consumers’ expectations.


Virtual Try-on Solutions

The try-on solution is one of the major players among emerging solutions as it helps to drive cross-channel traffic and attract shoppers. From the user perspective, it provides a richer experience for online shoppers. VR try-on solutions are acting as a revolutionary solution for retailers and a marketing connection, for example, watches and jewelry, shoes, furniture, clothes and many more.

Body Measurement App

The Body Measurement App has a goal to offer the user the most accurate virtual fitting of the body. This AR solution is to a better way to the measure the fitting of the user which is revolutionary in eCommerce.

We are aware that fitting is a basic problem while buying clothes or any wearable products online. Therefore, Body measurement App offers the online user to try a product that accurately fits their body before taking the final decision.

AR Manual

AR user manual demonstrates the process of reading a manual of appliances in an interactive way with a step-by-step virtual guide. Users without any hassles using smart devices can easily go through the details of the product. It also reduces the time and the fear of unknown risks while going through the manual of any appliances.


With an immersive 3D experience integrated with AR Technology, AR manual increases the percentage of understandability. After a simple scan of the appliance, the AR manual indicates all the useful instructions and features in a virtual manner.

Bottom Line

In today’s era, AR technology is creating a vital position in the world of eCommerce. AR development company offers benefits focusing on better customer satisfaction and experience with an increase in the rate of sales. Within a short period of time, augmented reality (AR) as an evolving technology is widely accepted in the industry.

Last but not least, from a business prospect, it will lead to better conversion rates and revenues. Thus, it can be said that the future of online shopping will pivot on AR.

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