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How to Earn Equity in the Futures Most Innovative Companies

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One way to find meaning and wealth in the world is to work on solving the hardest and biggest problems. Typically the people doing this work at startup companies looking to disrupt existing industries. They have dealt with a problem for a long time and they have dreamed of a solution which fixes it.

But how do you find the most innovative startups?

And once you have found them, how can you help them in pursuit of their mission? The mechanisms for accumulating wealth in this system are more clear. The earliest employees in any startup are typically awarded equity in the venture. This is often in recognition of the difficulty the business will face in achieving its dreams and acts as an incentive for these people to commit for a long period of time and work incredibly hard — options typically vest over a period of 3–4 years.

As an incentive this is incredibly powerful. As a reward things become less certain.

There are several problems with this model:

  • It takes a long time for contributors to earn their equity. Ownership transfers over a long time horizon and happens instantaneously not linearly and consistently.
  • Even once they have earned their equity, what can they do with it? That part of the company will always be theirs but achieving liquidity only occurs at a later date. For someone who has committed years of their life, being able to achieve liquidity immediately would be far more powerful.
  • High degree of trust. Humans ultimately decide whether what is promised ever comes to fruition. Sometimes it never does. This is a big problem.
  • You can only plant one tree. If your startup isn’t successful, your shares become worthless and your time was effectively wasted. There is no diversity which affords little protection to your investment.

In the analogue world, those problems cloud the certainty of participation. They make doing so worrisome and can inject tremendous amounts of stress and strain into relationships.

I’ve been searching for solutions to this problem for a long time

I want to work on the most innovative products in the world, but they are hard to find and they have no reputation to provide any fraction of certainty that the time you spend will be worthwhile or you will be rewarded as promised.

I’d love to work for equity, particularly as a side hustle, but there is nowhere I would trust that my equity would ever be received. That could be changing.

One remarkable company is changing that equation

Dogezer is a platform which integrates all of the necessary tools for people to work together on innovative projects, with the ability to use project-specific tokens to reward results and incentivise collaboration.

Want to create your own startup?

Dogezer allows you to get it done together with the experts from around the world by paying them with tokens and shares inyour company.

Want to pay people with your own coin?

Raising money is something which consumes a huge fraction of a founders time, what if you could focus entirely on building your business instead? Your team become your co-founders and your investors and you reward them with tokens in the platform you are all working together to create.

Want to earn equity in other companies on the platform?

You can begin working for multiple startup companies around the world and earn fiat, crypto or a share in these companies equity and future revenues through the platform immediately. You can benefit from diversification of your equity portfolio as a by-product of working on several ideas.

Want to hold your own ICO?

You can get your ICO started through the platform in minutes. Token Generation, Smart Contract Deployment, Team Building, Project Management, Marketing Pages and Bounty Campaigns are all taken care of. The service provides a turnkey solution for running a successful ICO.

Want a full suite of features needed to realise your project?

Dogezer includes everything anyone could ever need. Talent Marketplace (Like Upwork), Version Control System (Like GitHub), Documents Editor (Like Google Docs), Task Tracker (Like Jira and Asana), Cloud Storage (Like Dropbox) and Integrated Messaging (Like Slack). Every tool needed to find talent, deploy code and collaborate can be found under one umbrella.

Whether you are starting your own company, want to work for other’s changing the world or invest in the most revolutionary businesses Dogezer offers you the opportunity to everything

They may be early in the process — but they have one very influential supporter of what they are doing


Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, supports their proposals for how ICO’s should be excecuted

If you believe in what this platform you could support it to. A fully functional platform is available and running at https://dogezer.io. Try it out and start your dream company today!

They are about to have an ICO

This isn’t a speculative gamble on a company that might not produce anything. This is an existing product which has support and advise from some of the most knowledgeable and influential individuals in the space. Dogezer aims to bring a different sort of organisation for ICOs — making them fairer, more predictable and under control. That is something I believe the market needs and is a company ethos I trust.

The future of the platform is even brighter and inclusive

In the same way you will be able to participate and influence the development of startups and services on the platform, you will do the same for Dogezer itself. Everyone will be able to join the project and develop additional features for it, and be rewarded from future revenue of the platform. Effectively this means you can become one of the cofounders and possess the same influence on the future of the platform as those who have created it to this point. This level of consensus and democracy is what decentralisation hoped to achieve.

Find out more and participate in the ICO here

Or join the converation and talk to the founder here


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