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How to deploy WordPress directly from Slack

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With simplicity laying at its core, Slack has always seemed like a perfect complement to Buddy. And so it is: over 50% of our users uses Slack action in their pipelines.

The most common use-case for Slack and Buddy is sending notifications on finished builds and deployments to your team channel. However, not many developers know that you can also run deployments directly from Slack:

Use case: a WordPress Project

Let’s imagine you have a WordPress application with the following actions:

  1. Prepare assets [Gulp]
  2. Deploy compiled assets [FTP]
  3. Notify your team of finished deployment or send message to QA that something went wrong [Slack]

With Buddy, you can trigger all of the above with a simple run command.

Set up a project with Buddy

  1. Sign up to Buddy with your GitHub/Bitbucket account or email
  2. Create a new project, select your Git provider, and choose your project:

Set up a delivery pipeline

Now let’s add a delivery pipeline that will build and deliver your project upon receiving the command:

  1. Click Add a new pipeline
  2. Set the trigger mode to ‘On click’
  3. Select the branch from which you want to deploy
  4. Click Add a new pipeline when ready

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