How to automate Kubernetes deployments

Kubernetes lets you manage containerized applications on a cluster of nodes. If you need to deploy and scale your application on the fly without consuming more resources that required, that’s a solution for you.

Buddy lets you automate the whole delivery process to one git push to your repo. And these are the benefits:

  • you don’t have to enter the commands manually every time
  • you get precise feedback in case there’s an error in .yml files
  • you don’t need a DevOps specialist around to update your application
  • you can expand your delivery pipeline with builds and tests before the deployment

The main objective of this article is to tell you how to do that in a series of a few simple steps.

Set up a project with Buddy

  1. Sign up to Buddy with GitHub/Bitbucket or email
  2. Create a new project, select your Git provider, and choose your WP project:

Configure Pipeline #1: Apply K8s deployment

The first pipeline will automatically apply configuration changes to your K8s volumes and WordPress instance on a push to branch:

  1. Click Add a new pipeline and set the trigger mode to ‘On every push’
  2. Select the branch that will trigger the execution
  3. Click Add a new pipeline

Like what you read? Check out the full guide here!

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