How to customize your hacking set-up for the most affordable priceby@morpheuslord
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How to customize your hacking set-up for the most affordable price

by MorpheuslordJuly 14th, 2021
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This article discusses the most affordable hacking setup at the least expensive price point possible. As a beginner, you don't need much of a really powerful PC
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In this article, I am discussing how you can set up a complete hacking lab for the most affordable price possible.

For hacking, you need not have a really powerful computer you can start hacking using a really week PC also but in the long run, you should have a really powerful PC to handle the workload such as password cracking, sending & receiving a huge amount of TCP or any protocol packets, etc.

Hacking does not have any system certification you can start hacking using your phone also I have previously written an article related to this on how you can convert your android into a hacking machine. You can check it out from my hacker noon profile.

: I am an Indian and the costs will be in rupees and not in dollars so the rates might vary from where you are in the world.

Topics to cover
  • Clusters
  • Raspberry pi computer set
  • Hardware for pi computer set
  • Software for pi computer set
  • Advantages of pi computer set
  • Disadvantages of pi computer set
  • The total cost of pi computer set

As a beginner, you don't need much of a really powerful PC. You can have a collection of a huge amount of modular computers running as one computer. These are known as clusters and they have a really simple function, that is:

  • Divide workload
  • Is much simple and faster
  • Can complete tasks with less strain and require no overclocking
  • Is really easy to setup

Things requiredH

For a cluster, you need to have raspberry pi 4 of differing ram size, SD cards, network switch, connection module, casing, etc.

You can refer to this youtube video for more info on how to set this cluster.

Davy Wybiral, and Rasim Muratovic

Raspberry pi computer set

If you did not understand what a cluster is, and the setting up process is going above your head (like what I felt), don't worry it can be simplified. Using the simplified version of the computer is not as strong as the cluster but really fast and productive.

Our goal is:

personal specification:

  • To make a fast PC.
  • To make it at an affordable price.

system specification:

  • Needs to have wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Needs to have a fast ram.
  • Most storage
  • Best performance
Hardware for pi computer set

The hardware required is as follows:

  • Raspberry pi 4 8Gb ram ( * 2)
  • Raspberry pi power supply ( * 2)
  • SD cards( * 6)
  • Monitor
  • HDMI cables ( * 2)
  • Headset for Gamers
  • Pendrive 64Gb (*2)
  • Alfa network adapter
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set

Raspberry pi 4 8Gb is a standard raspberry pi with built-in wifi and Bluetooth connectivity with its power supply.

SD cards for this build you need to have 6 SDcard with different size's depending on your requirements my suggestions are:

  • 3 SD cards with 128 Gb space
  • 3 SD cards with 64 GB space

The three SD cards with 128 Gb space are for windows 10 which will run some personal and some hacking software.

  • The first windows SD card is for personal use
  • The second windows SD card is for more professional use like college and work
  • The third windows SD card is for the hacker's lab

The first two SD cards are really straightforward but the third SD card contains hacking software like RAT(Remote Access Trojan) creation software, WSL2 Kali, putty, python, etc.

The next three SD cards of 64Gb are for testing and a server for holding valuable data like a backup, etc.

  • The first testing SD card Ubuntu.
  • The second testing SD card windows.
  • The third testing SD card Debian.

The first and third are pretty straightforward but the second one has some additional software installed like a metasploitable hackable machine which you will use to practice hacking websites.

The idea for having 2 Linux systems is that we can use the Distro according to what we are hacking and have additional flexibility to do certain scans and enumeration during bug bounties and many other tasks.

The windows system, on the other hand, is a vulnerable system to practice payload injection, RDP exploits, ssh exploits, tools testing, setting up a vulnerable machine, etc.

The monitor, HDMI, and headset have only one use no need to write about that.

The two Pendrives mentioned are very important as we do not have much space in such a system so we can opt for an extra 256 Gb of memory containing some of the huge files like my huge custom password file over 50Gb of passwords for brute-forcing.

Alfa adapter is a standard network adapter for network pentesting and enumeration so we can add that also to the list.

Software for pi computer set

The main software should be installed in the hacker's windows lab, the Debian system, Ubuntu system, and the windows machine for practice.

Things to be installed:

In Debian:

  • ssh connection
  • RDP connection (optional)
  • desktop x-face (optional)
  • Git
  • Brave

Install ssh and server:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install openssh-server

installing brave is really simple so nothing to explain it.

In Ubuntu:

  • ssh connection
  • RDP connection (optional)
  • desktop xface (optional)
  • Git
  • Brave
  • sudo apt install openssh-server
    #start service
    sudo service ssh start
    #status check
    sudo systemctl status ssh
    #stop service
    sudo service ssh stop

In windows Target:

  • RDP connection
  • VirtualBox Metasploitable
  • Git

In the windows hackers lab:

The windows hackers lab software requirements are:

  • VirtualBox or VMWare with ParrotOS
  • Kali wsl2 with xrdp and desktop xface
  • Putty
  • Pentest box

I suggest Kali Linux in Wsl2 if you follow my previous articles you might have read that this is really efficient and fast compared to VirtualBox but you can use both Kali and Parrot Os on the same VM machine.

But Putty and Pentest Box are standard pentesting software for windows users' great tools collection and configs.

Advantages of pi computer set
  1. Easy to setup: The easiest computer build even a kid can build such a computer.
  2. Fast: Being an 8Gb computer it is fast and if combined with extra cooling then the pc will be in Flash mode it is super fast.
  3. compact: The system is built on a computer module the size of a small notebook so you can carry the machine in your bag or in a really stealth place where ever you want.
  4. Flexible: The flexibility in such, stealth and powerful system does not have any limits at all you can do epic things with it.
Disadvantages of pi computer set
  1. The storage size: The storage size is limited to a max of 128Gb max and it won't boot with higher storage.
  2. Configuration: For some, there might be some miss configs while Booting so it might cause some issues.
The total cost of pi computer set

The Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb ram is Rs 12000/- in India but comes with a power supply, In-built wifi & Bluetooth.

  1. For the build we need two of them then it will cost approx of Rs 24000/-
  2. The Pendrives of 128Gb in the total cost is Rs 2800/-
  3. Monitor standard one costs Rs 10000/-
  4. SDcard 128Gb 3 cards cost in total Rs 3600/-
  5. Keyboard and mouse Bluetooth costs Rs 5000/-
  6. Alfa adapter costs approx Rs 5000/-
  7. The Headset Bluetooth costs approx Rs 2000/-
  8. The HDMI costs approx Rs 3000/-

So the total costs for all the above things are Rs 50200/- or $ 700 approx.

For just shy of 700 dollars you can get a really good hacking setup I think it is cheap compared to paying 1000 dollars or 150000 rupees for a really powerful computer where you can have 2 computers of reasonable power. The amounts might vary from where you are living so check the above things and conclude it might increase the value or even decrease the value and be really cheap. If you take my word where ever you are it won't cost your entire savings for just one pc it will be foreshore really cheap and you can upgrade it whenever you want.

The price of the

raspberry pi
is from its official website and the rest pricing is from my local stores.


Build your hacking lab and send a pic of it on my Instagram. Build your pc and start hacking today.

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