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How To Create an AWS S3 Bucket

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@jubaanJulio Añoveros

Hi!, I'm a remote Full-stack Web Developer and student at Microverse.

What's AWS S3?

Long story short...

AWS S3, or Amazon Simple Storage Service, is storage for the Internet. Designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.

source: Amazon

Why you need it?

Well... to store files in the cloud.

These files are stored in Buckets, a resource where you can upload any number of objects using the Amazon S3 API.

How to create a Bucket?

1. Visit Amazon Web Services (AWS) website.

2. Sign in to your AWS Amazon Account (if you don't have one click on this link).

Select "Root user" and use your email and password to enter your AWS Management console.

3. In the AWS Management Console, search for "S3", and select the first option.

You'll be taken to the S3 Bucket dashboard.

4. Click on Create Bucket button

5. Enter the desired Bucket name and select the geographical Region closest to you.

NOTE: You can review the other options and change as needed but for a basic configuration is not needed.

Click on the Create bucket button

6. Done!... you should see a success message and the created bucket in your bucket list in the dashboard.

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@jubaanJulio Añoveros

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Hi!, I'm a remote Full-stack Web Developer and student at Microverse.


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