Mitype ⌨️ - Typing Speed Test Right In Your Terminal by@mithil

Mitype ⌨️ - Typing Speed Test Right In Your Terminal

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Who doesn't like to type fast? I made mitype with an intention to test typing speed and hence improve it at the ease of one command.

Feel free to contribute 💚

Features -
Supports several languages like English and German
Choose your own text files
Or randomly pick up a sample from 6000 entries
View results and replay after every testChoose difficulty level
Has cross-platform support
Works with both python 2 and python 3
Uses in-built python modules only
Available on pypi allowing easy install
Colored highlightsRuns on web, although the latency is kinda high
How to get it?

`pip install mitype`

How to run it?

Choose random text:
To choose a sample file:
`mitype -f <your_file>`
Choose a difficulty level:
`mitype -d <N>`
Choose a text ID:
`mitype -i <ID>`

Built with
- Python and all its inbuilt modules
- Curses library - Easily capture keystrokes
- Sqlite3 - Database for storing textText provided by

Mitype is open to feedback, contributions and new ideas 💡
🌟 Star the repo on GitHub!

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