How to Convince Executives to Outsource Anythingby@Kiran
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How to Convince Executives to Outsource Anything

by KiranDecember 14th, 2020
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How to Convince Executives to Outsource Anything you want your company to start outsourcing. This article explains how you can convince your executives to outsource anything but you are hesitating. You need to explain why outsourcing is important and give them bold and solid proof and explanations so that they become ready for outsourcing. You can provide in-house resources if they can handle such a complex task or you can hire someone from other businesses or freelancers. Outsourcing helps you to gain a competitive advantage and surpass your competitors.

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Outsourcing has become a common practice today. A lot of companies are outsourcing projects, human resources, etc. Outsourcing can be anything. But for some companies who are not accustomed to outsourcing
could be a big thing for them.

As an employee you want your company to start outsourcing. But for some reason, you are hesitating. Right?

In the 1980s, no one got fired for hiring IBM. IBM was so popular at that time that if you hired them and the project failed, your job would still be safe. But if you hired someone else and failed then you would lose your job. So, if you are making a business decision that is not very risky then you are safe otherwise you are fired. This is the kind of fear why people are reluctant about outsourcing.

You want to convince your executives to outsource anything but you are hesitating, then this article is for you. This article explains why
outsourcing is important and how you can convince your executives to outsource anything.

Why outsourcing?

Change is necessary for every organization. But some might hesitate to adapt to change. So, the organization needs to understand why change is necessary.

Likewise, any organization either new or old will hesitate to outsource for the first time. This could be a change for them. You need to explain why outsourcing is important and give them bold and solid proof and explanations so that they become ready for outsourcing. You need to explain how outsourcing helps to reach business goals.

  • Get access to skilled expertise

Every time the task may not be the same. Sometimes, the task may be complex. Every business may not be able to handle such complexities. So, in such a situation you can provide skilled and experienced human resources to such business on a contract.

You can provide in-house resources if they can handle such a complex task or you can hire someone from other businesses or freelancers. You can provide resources on a commission basis.

You can also outsource different projects. We talked about how we can hire human resources from other business or hire freelancers. The same can be done for projects too. You can take projects from one organization and outsource those projects to other businesses or freelancers.

Your job isn’t done here. You need to regularly communicate and track the progress of the projects.

  • Focus on core activities

Connections with experienced and skilled freelancers or other businesses can be a business booming tactic for you. You can outsource human resources or projects and focus on your business. This way you can also focus on how you can grow your business.

You can outsource as well as you can also plan on reaching business goals and objectives. Let your in-house team achieve business goals and

  • Increasing in-house efficiency

Outsourcing projects and human resources will help you focus on your in-house team. You can decrease the workload of your in-house team. A decrease in workload will help to increase productivity.

You can also focus on training your employees for the betterment of the business. Training the employees can help you to outsource your own
in-house team in the future.

  • Better risk management

Every time, your in-house team might not be able to handle some of the projects. In such a case, you can hire an experienced and skilled team to handle such projects. You should hire someone who specializes in that related field. This way you can mitigate the risk by hiring experts specialized in handling such projects.

You can be free from future problems that might occur when the project fails. But, you should ask for the progress report of the project
from time to time.

  • Reduce costs

Outsourcing can help you to reduce costs and save more. Managing and hiring an in-house team for either old or new projects can be a difficult job for any organization. The organization should incur expenses like transportation, food, hospital, more equipment, and so on. But these expenses can be reduced if you decide to outsource projects.

Such expenses may not incur in the first place if you decide to outsource your projects. You can save and invest in places where your organization lacks and need improvement.

  • Give the business a competitive advantage

Outsourcing helps to gain a competitive advantage and surpass your competitors. Since you are hiring experienced and skilled human resources and delivering quality products on time, it can help you build a good reputation in the market.

A good reputation in the market can help you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors since most of the businesses in the market will look forward to working with you.

When to start outsourcing?

Before outsourcing, you need to know when is the right time to start outsourcing. Jumping in without knowing the right time and less research can bite you back. You can fail miserably and a time might come where you can go bankrupt. Anything can happen.

Here are the signs showing the right time to start outsourcing.

  • More work, less time

Having more projects is a good thing for any business. You also might have a lot of projects in your hand. But the problem is that you don’t have enough time to complete all the projects. In this case, you can outsource some of your projects at a lower price. Working every time and making your employees work overtime can hamper yours as well as their health.

Instead of working overtime, you can outsource some of your projects. This will decrease the work pressure.

  • Growth of business

You start to think that you need to do something to grow your business. You have projects and every time you are focused on projects.
So you are not getting enough time to focus on growing your business.
You can start outsourcing your projects so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • Despise certain works

You need projects to run your organization but sometimes you don’t want some of the projects to come. There is not any choice but to accept such projects since you need projects for your organization. In such situations, you can outsource such projects.

Sometimes projects take a longer time to complete and you hate when the deadline is near and the project is still a long way to complete. In such situations, you can also outsource such projects.

  • Have ideas but no time to develop

You have plans and ideas for your business. But you are full of projects and are unable to spare time for your ideas. What can you do now? You can outsource projects so that some pressure can be lifted and you can focus on developing your ideas into reality.

  • Need specialized skills

Some projects need experienced and skilled manpower. You can provide such manpower to those organizations that are looking for skilled manpower. You need to have skilled and experienced resources to provide. If you don’t have, then you have another option too i.e. hire some
skilled and experienced freelancers.

Where to look for outsourcing?

You are thinking of outsourcing but you don’t have any idea where to look for or start from. There are many organizations looking for skilled and experienced human resources as well as projects. For such organizations, you can provide human resources and projects. You can search such organizations on

  • The Internet

You can start outsourcing searching on the Internet. You can find many organizations looking for human resources. You can find such organizations on different forums as well as on their websites. You won’t have any problems searching for such organizations or people.

You should be able to provide what they are looking for.

  • Social media platforms

Social media platforms can be said as the biggest platforms to provide a vast amount of opportunities. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. have billions of active users daily. So, such platforms are the best options to look for. Many organizations or people have their own pages where they post their requirements as well as you can find many groups where people post their requirements too.

How to convince executives to outsource?

You are ready but is your organization ready?

One of the biggest tackle is to convince your executives to outsource. You are ready but that’s not how it works. Sometimes it’s hard to convince your executives if they are doing it for the first time. So, it’s your job to convince them.

You need to be fully prepared to convince them. You can either prepare slides or a report or anything you can think of.

  • Decide what to outsource

Before convincing your executives, you need to do a lot of research and decide what your organization can outsource. You can only propose your idea after you have done your research. You need to find out how outsourcing can benefit your organization.

  • Build your team

You need to build your team first. Your team must be ready for what comes next. You alone cannot do anything and achieve the most out of it.
You need support from others before starting something.

You need a team that trusts you and is ready to face anything together.

  • Show benefits

Either it's an organization or an individual, everyone looks for benefits before they implement new plans or ideas. Some might take risks and implement them immediately. But everyone might not have such a
mindset. So, your executives might not take risks.

You need to show them the benefits of outsourcing. Your executives
won’t agree with your ideas and plans if you don’t explain how outsourcing will help to reach business goals and objectives.

  • Show social proof

You need to show your executives how other organizations are doing after outsourcing. You need to show how other organizations have started to outsource and have benefited from outsourcing. You can also show them that their competitors have started to outsource. This can help to
influence them and consider outsourcing.

  • Show successful case study

If your executives are still not convinced then you should show the success stories of other organizations. Do your research and gather success stories and show your executives their successful journey. Show your executives how they started outsourcing, what they achieved, and how they have benefitted. This will grab their attention quickly.

  • Follow up

Everyone has their own perspective. You might have thought about this from your point of view. So, they might be hesitant. So, you need to think from their perspectives too.

It’s not necessary that your plans and ideas be accepted immediately.

You need to find what you are missing. Fulfill that gap and persuade your executives once again. You surely need to keep on poking them again and again. You need to keep coming with the blueprint of the success of different rival companies so that their concept changes.

But never give up and keep on convincing them.

You know how outsourcing benefits your organization. So, do your research and be fully prepared before proposing your ideas to your executives. Don’t expect an immediate response. Have patience and give
them some time to think this through.

This post was first published on Truemark.