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How To Connect Your HP Printer with Your WPS Pin

The WPS pin of the printer is required for establishing a link between your HP printer and a computer. So, if you're having trouble finding the WPS pin on your HP printer, we'll show you how to do it. But before we get into locating the WPS pin, let's find out what is a WPS pin.
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The WPS pin of the printer is required for establishing a link between your HP printer and a computer. So, if you're having trouble finding the WPS pin on your HP printer, we'll show you how to do it. But before we get into locating the WPS pin, let's find out what a WPS pin is.

What is a WPS Pin?

A WPS pin, or Wi-Fi Protected Setup Pin, is an 8 digit combination of numbers and/or letters used by your wireless router (Wi-Fi) to encrypt and protect your home network. It's like a password that can be found in the back or bottom of all routers.

Types of WPS Connection for HP Printer

There are several WPS connection types that can be used to connect your computer or laptop to your printer. The 2 most common WPS connections are:
  1. WPS Pin
  2. WPS Push Button

Where is the WPS Pin on my Printer?

The WPS pin for your wireless connection with your device is generally generated on the top of every modern version of HP printers, such as HP LaserJet, HP Envy 4520, and HP Officejet 4650. The printer generates a new WPS pin each time you wish to connect your printer to a device.

Some HP printers, such as the HP DeskJet 2652 and HP DeskJet 2600, do not have a screen, which may cause problems for some users in obtaining the WPS pin code. However, you'll learn how to easily get your WPS code after reading this post.

Where is the WPS button on my router?

The WPS button is usually located on the back of your wireless router. Make sure to press it for at least 10 seconds, or until you hear a beep. You should also try pressing it multiple times in case the first time doesn't work.

Connect HP printer with WPS Pin

If your HP printer has a display, connecting it to your computer or another gadget is simple. Locate the WPS pin code for your HP printer by performing the following procedures.
  • Turn on your printer
  • From the "Control Panel" press the "Wireless button"
  • You will see a blue light start blinking
  • Next navigate to the "Wi-Fi protected setup" option
  • Select "WPS Pin" option
  • On printer screen you will see a 8 digits generated code that is a WPS pin
  • Enter your generated WPS pin code to your computer screen to pair both of your device

Connect HP printer with WPS Push button

Use this approach to link your HP printer to your computer if you don't have a screen or control panel on it.
  • Turn on your printer
  • Make sure your printer and router are close enough to make a connection
  • Press the "Wireless button" on your printer
  • After the above step you will see a light start flashing
  • Now press and hold the "WPS button" on your router for 2-3 seconds
  • You will see WPS light start blinking on your router
  • After sometime both the light on your printer and router stop blinking
  • It indicates that the connection is successful


How to Disable WPS?

It is important to note that some router models have an option to disable the WPS. For example, the Asus RT-N66U wireless router has a "Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup" option for this purpose. Here's how you can navigate to it:
Click on "Wireless," and then choose "WPS Settings"
There are three options in this tab. You have the option to press the WPS push button on your router, enter the PIN directly into your wireless device, or disable WPS entirely. Select "Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup." This will ensure that your network is not vulnerable to security threats.

How does WPS work?

The following is the technical explanation of the process:
How WPS works - WPS uses a special type of algorithm which makes it easy for devices to establish secure connections. After pressing the "WPS push button" on your wireless router, you have approximately two minutes to press "WPS button" on your printer. The wireless device will send a random number to the router. The router will use this random number to encrypt subsequent data communications between devices.

How many digits are in the WPS Pin code?

The WPS PIN code always has 8 digits. The first two digits represent the manufacturer of your device, followed by six numbers which are assigned randomly.

Why is my WPS Button flashing orange?

Your WPS button is not correctly linked to your router. When the WPS button lights up orange, this means that no network connection is established between your devices. In order to establish a successful connection between your WPS buttons, follow the above-mentioned steps again.

Do all wifi routers have WPS?

No, not all routers have WPS buttons. Some wireless devices like the Linksys E series don't come with WPS switches, but their software can be configured to do the same thing as WPS buttons.

Is WPS safe?

WPS is not safe. A WPS-connected device has zero security. Anyone with WPS capability can communicate to your WPS unprotected wireless networks. Though WPS claims that it makes the network secure, WPS actually does the exact opposite of what it claims by sacrificing network security in order to make connecting devices easier.

Where is the WPS button on my Phone?

Most WPS enabled smartphones have the WPS button either on the front or back, depending upon how it's designed. Some WPS buttons are at the top of the phone while others are placed at the bottom. You need to look for a WPS sign on your smartphone to find out where exactly is its WPS button.


Now you're able to connect your HP printer to your PC with the help of WPS pin and WPS push button. If this tutorial has helped you, share it with your friends on social media.
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