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How to Conduct a Job Interview

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Stories of job interviews at large companies, ranging from unpleasant to weird or horrid, are very popular on dedicated forums.

We do not want to spring surprises on candidates. On the contrary, we want to share how we see the recruitment process from our side.

Here are several tips on how to conduct a job interview and make this process pleasant for all participants.


How to Conduct a Job Interview Infographic

We do this for three reasons:

First, transparency and constant exchange of experience are one of the main guidelines and principles of Overgear.

Secondly, by openly talking about our approach, we give applicants the opportunity to better prepare and evaluate their strengths, which means that we multiply the productivity of the meeting.

Third, stories about “crazy interviews” are funny, but only when they’re not about you :)

I hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to share the infographic above on your own posts, but be sure to link back to this post as the source.


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