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How To Change Careers Later In Life And Transition Into A Technical Role

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Interview with Tina Lee Founder of MotherCoders

There are a lot of people who want to change their career later in life. They want to do more challenging work, earn more money, and have a better lifestyle. Given the growing need of technical talent in the US, it would seem like a technical career would be a great choice, right?

Unfortunately, despite the dearth of technical talent, many people are wary because of the misconception that transitioning into a technical career later in life is just too hard. Another is, as you start to fall behind on your technical skills, it’s hard to play catch up!

Hence, a lot of people struggle to stay relevant.

Piling on career pauses like parenthood makes it even harder!

However, the growing number of retraining programs, bootcamps, and online education options are looking to cater to busy people who are eager to transition into a technical position.

In today’s episode, we’ll talk to Tina Lee, who is actively is working to change these misconceptions with her nonprofit MotherCoders, which helps moms on-ramp to technical careers in the new economy.

You’ll learn from Tina:

  • Why people get put on the mommy track and how it does a disservice to women who want to continue to pursue their careers
  • Why technical skills are crucial for employment and why Tina is focused on helping mothers acquire them
  • Why companies shouldn’t withhold investing in a retraining program and how it can benefit employees and employers attract and retain top technical talent

Checkout MotherCoders and considering celebrating this mother’s day by making a donation here.

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