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How to buy Red Pulse Token or RPX on KuCoin, Huobi Pro, OKEx

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Comprehensive guide on understanding what is Red Pulse, It’s token, purpose and how to buy RPX token from Exchanges.

What is Red Pulse

Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform covering China’s economy and capital markets. The firm uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate and scale basic data collection, while incorporating cryptocurrency to create an open and transparent sharing economy for research.

Ultimately, Red Pulse aims to solve the problem that we all face today, that is information overload.

They have done an ICO on NEO and actually they were the first project to do an ICO on NEO platform. Ticker for trading Red Pulse Token is RPX

To Start with — This article is purely for educational and informational purpose and not to encourage you to buy Cryptocurrency. You should always do your own research (DYOR), make your own decisions (MYOD) and be comfortable with the risks before making an investment. Investing in volatile cryptocurrencies involves an element of risk: prices of these currencies go up and down, (often in a manner that seems irrational).

Launch on Exchanges

Currently RPX is listed on KuCoin exchange, which is a relatively young but one of the rapidly growing exchanges. You can buy and sell RPX with different pairs here on KuCoin. CEO of Red Pulse, Jonathan Ha has just announced on a video yesterday that it will be launching in 2 of top 10 exchanges this week and another one in January. That’s pretty exciting news and given it’s potential — it could be a steal to buy at this low price before it becomes mainstream and available on other exchanges.

Update2: Red Pulse will be listed on Huobi Pro on January 8th. I’ll be putting out a step by step guide for buying Red Pulse Tokens(RPX) on Huobi Pro soon.

Update1: Red Pulse will be listed on OKEx in early January.

So that’s a big news. Buying process is almost the same on both KuCoin and OKEx — Since OKEx restrict users from several countries including USA, I’ll explain the buying process using KuCoin to help more audience. It’ll be mostly the same process on OKEx too.

How to Buy RPX

  • Buy Ethereum or Bitcoin on Coinbase. You can use one of the following guides to buy them. If you already have Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can skip this step.
  • Once you’ve Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can head to KuCoin where RPX is listed and available to trade.
  • Register yourself on KuCoin — It’s a cool exchange with really nice user interface and usable too without throwing cluttered stuff onto your face.
  • It’s important to save your recovery key while setting up 2 factor authentication. Incase your phone is lost or you change your phone — you need this key to get the Google Authenticator working properly.
  • Once you login with username, password and 2FA — you get to the assets screen — if not click on “Assets” on top menu bar.
  • After you click Assets, select Deposit from the side menu item as shown below
  • On Deposit screen, you will have a dropdown to select an asset (Bitcoin or Ethereum or anything you’ve with you). Select Bitcoin to see the Deposit address or Ethereum to see the Ethereum deposit address.
  • Use this address to send your funds from Coinbase or any other exchange you have your Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • As you scroll down, you can see the deposit history for selected asset here as shown below
  • Once you see that your deposits are confirmed, you can scroll up to menu on top and click on Markets — which will show you different pairs you can trade RPX with.

If you have deposited Bitcoin to KuCoin, click on BTC tab and You’ll see RPX/BTC. Don’t click on it — Follow the next steps for easy Buy/Sell

If you have deposited Ethereum to KuCoin, click on ETH tab and you can see RPX/ETH pair. Don’t click on it yet as you can Buy/Sell right from this screen itself.

Follow the below screenshot with comments inline to complete your purchase of RPX token before it hits other exchanges and becomes famous.

Step by Step process to buy RPX

Once you have completed RPX purchase, you can go to Assets menu item on top and look at Active Orders or Dealt Orders to see your RPX tokens. If it’s in active orders, it means RPX is not bought yet — but an order has been placed — when ever it hits the price we’ve mentioned — it will be purchased automatically and moves to Dealt orders.

Awesome & Congrats

Yay! You’ve successfully made your purchase of RPX tokens on KuCoin Exchange. There are various other pairs also offered on KuCoin exchange like NEO, USDT and KCS. You can purchase RPX using them too.

KCS — KuCoin Shares is also an interesting concept and learn more about it from article below.

Will be soon writing detailed article on how to buy Red Pulse Token on Huobi Pro and OKEx. Meanwhile, it would almost be similar for most of the exchanges.

  1. Buy Ethereum/Bitcoin on Coinbase using your USD
  2. Transfer it to corresponding deposit address on exchange
  3. Select RPX/ETH or RPX/BTC pair based on your deposit
  4. Click on Ask to autofill the price, click on Max to autofill the amount to be bought. You can enter these values manually to buy in less quantities.
  5. Click on buy — may be enter 2 factor authentication if needed.
  6. That’s it — you’ve purchased your Red Pulse Tokens — HODL RPX


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