Nam Nguyen


How to Be Right All The Time

When we’re wrong, we need to admit we’re wrong.

When we admit we’re wrong, we can begin to access and understand why we were originally wrong. Was it lack of information? Did our weighting of factors off? Could the outcome equally have turned out our favor?

If we resist from accepting that we were wrong, we are unable to move forward. To understand what happened, to improve. To move to a place of better understanding.

Not being able to admit that we’re wrong, people are unable to trust us and our assessment. Verbally admitting that we’re wrong allows everyone to move on. It increases people’s trust in us.

When we do not know much, instead of making comments/observations, ask questions. How should we we be thinking about this? What should we be considering? Are we missing something? What do you think we should do? Why? This is what we’re going to do, any objections?

Make decisions every day. We have to consciously make decisions. When we make decisions, we have skin in the game, we pay attention. We pay attention to whether we were right or we were wrong. We improve and refine our models of the world in the process.

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