How to actually use Wunderlist for success

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@cnm2334Chad Magee

I couldn’t find a simple system to use this specific app online, so I created my own.

I have been searching for a productivity system for years, but most that I found required too much effort on my part.

This system can be used on other apps, but I designed specifically using Wunderlist.

Before I get into anything else, you need to setup the app:

  1. Create two folders: Home and Work

You can create more or less, but I like simplicity.

2. Create sub-folders: I created Bills, Personal Tasks, and Weekly under the Home folder; however, I did not create any sub-folders under the Work folder.

Again, you can create more or less. Tailor this to your needs. I do plan on adding sub-folders to Work, as projects arise.

3. Enter all tasks that you think of in the Inbox folder. Try to add due dates, which will come into play later.

4. Review your Inbox either each morning, or each evening. During this phase, move these items to the appropriate folder (Home/Work) and/or sub-folders (Bills, Personal Tasks, etc.).

5. Next, star your most important three (MITs) for both Home and Work.

The Starred folder will automatically separate these for you.

6. Work from the Starred folder. Until you have completed all three starred items on a list, do not add more.

7. Once you have completed all starred items from a list, switch to the Today folder to find your next task. Star it, so that it goes back to the Starred folder.

8. For events, add the date and time to Wunderlist. Additionally, add this to your calendar app, or physical calendar. I like Google Calendar.

9. Repeat.

Feel free to add to this system as needed. Let me know what works or doesn’t work for you.

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