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How this Wrist Watch Company Can Take On Expensive, top-of-the-line Brands

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There are so many international wrist watch companies in the world. But it is hard to pick one that justifies the price tag. Recently, I was approached by a new watchmaking firm with the name of Niklaas Fritz (NF) to review their products. And their simple yet cool design really impressed me.

Nowadays, a wristwatch is not just for seeing or checking time. It is more about showcasing your style and personality. The type of watch you wear defines you as a person. It is about passion and a way of expressing yourself.

So what’s the catch in NF?

NF offers superior quality watches at a reasonable price and they claim that their quality of watches is better than their competitors.

They use numerous luxurious materials in their watches such as sapphire crystal, full-grain leather, and stainless steel. The unique design and luxury feel of the timepieces with lower price badge, makes them stand out leaving their competitors behind.

“There are many quality wrist watches in the market but they are expensive and therefore not everyone can afford them”, says Juan Pablo, founder, and CEO of Niklaas Fritz. “So that’s why I founded NF to provide quality timepieces at an affordable price.”

This brand is for all ages be it teenagers or 30-year-old men/women who want to travel to different places while keeping their own style and have the experience to remember by. Wear them wherever you go with confidence and elegance just like the watch.


The price ranges from 150 to 200 USD which is quite affordable for the premium quality products. People passionate about fashion and wrist watches, in particular, will find NF timepieces unique, modern and classy.

What’s more, Niklass Fritz is launching this year and can now be purchased with early-bird discounts during crowdfunding, according to its CEO.

There is nothing classier than wearing a good-looking watch. And NF would look classiest on your hand. So don’t be late to purchase your favorite watch from the collection. And stay classy!

Niklaas Fritz Kickstarter campaign is now live. Click here to pledge.


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