How The Blockchain Can Be Used To Create More Transparent Governments

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@trentlapinskiTrent Lapinski

Episode 5 of CryptoDisrupted: Interview with Gerard Dache of The Government Blockchain Association

In our most recent episode, Greg Kerr and I sit down with Gerard Dache from The Government Blockchain Association. In the interview we discuss everything from blockchain technology to governments, finance policy, to implementing fair and transparent government systems.

Blockchain might just be one of the most important technological advancements to be able to ensure the future of democracy.

If you think crytpocurrencies are just a fad, and don’t understand the blockchain, then this is a great interview to get you up to speed on how blockchain tech can be used for more than just day trading. Whether it is voting, supply chain management, or even identification verification the blockchain provides dozens of solutions to scale systems that currently do not function efficiently.


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