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How Startups Can Maximize ROI Using Flowcharts

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A flowchart is a tool that is used for analyzing, designing, or managing a problem by dividing it into various parts. Flowcharts are used today in almost every application of problem-solving and planning. The flowchart is such a versatile tool that every industry has been using flowcharts to elaborate their plans and problems for the past century.

The flowchart was invented by Frank and Lillian Gilbreth and it was presented in the presentation Process Charts: First Steps in Finding the One Best Way to do Work to the members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in 1921. Over time the tool was modified by many to accommodate for their needs and overtime the tool has evolved into what we know it to be today.

Let’s find out how flowcharts can help you maximize your ROI in startups. But to learn how you can do it, you need to learn more about Flowcharts. There are 6 types of flowcharts that every industry uses and they are.

  • Document Flowchart
  • Data Flowchart
  • System Flowcharts
  • Program Flowcharts
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Business Process Model and Notation

Let’s discuss a little bit about each

Document Flowchart

These flowcharts are used to display the flow of paper and electronic documents and other similar things that are connected to a business. These tools are usually used by a business analyst to understand work processes inside an organization.

System Flowcharts

System flowcharts are used to define the flow of execution of decisions that are used to control the functionality of a system. System flowcharts are used to depict the mechanism of a system and how it works internally.

Data Flowcharts

As the name suggests, the data flowchart is used to show a graphical representation of the flow of data inside a system. This system is not limited to softwares but many companies and organization use this flowchart to understand their data transfer protocols, this type of flowcharts are quite common and you can use any flow chart maker for building it.

Program Flowcharts

Program flowcharts are usually used in IT systems and are made by using graphical symbols to determine the flow of coded instructions inside a system.

Process Flow Diagrams

Process flow diagrams are used in industrial plants and other manufacturing processes because it is used to determine the relationship that is shared between different parts of industry or process.

Business Process Model and Notation

This is a flowchart method that is used to define the many steps that take into place in a planned business. This flowchart depicts a detailed sequence of business activities and information that flows in a business.

Now that we know more about what are flowcharts let’s see how they can maximize ROI.

  • Clear View
  • Increased efficiency
  • Effective analysis
  • Quicker problem solving

Flowcharts are a great way to maximize the efficiency of a system or a business. They are used by many companies and systems to organize their flow of data. A flowchart can give a proper bird’s eye view of the entire system in one look so it makes it incredibly easy for management to identify the problem and resolving it quickly thus making ROI faster.

Since Bird's eye view allows for the removal of flaws in a system the system will get efficient. Also, you can rearrange your entities to make it more efficient, Improving ROI. Since a Bird’s eye view will help look at the entire process in one go, the flowcharts will also help in making quick analysis of problems resolving them quicker to improve ROI. And that overall view also breaks down into detailed processes making the problem solving extremely easy and fast which maximizes the ROI of the company.


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