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How Secret Party Fights Ticket Scammers

Have you ever sent someone a payment for a ticket on Paypal or Venmo and then waited… and waited… and waited… until the event came and your ticket never arrived? Ticket scamming is awful and something I never want to experience again. At Secret Party, we’re doing something about it: Ticket Transfers!

Sometimes when you purchase a ticket, you have some circumstances come up that require a transfer. This can be a big headache if it isn’t handled correctly with money and tickets changing hands on different platforms. The Secret Party solution? Handle transfers, including payment, directly on the platform. Here’s how it works!

When you purchase tickets on Secret Party, you get a direct link to your tickets on a confirmation email. When you land on the site, you’ll see your tickets in a screen that looks like this:

Purchased Tickets

When you click “Transfer” you’re greeted by a simple menu with one choice: whether to charge the recipient or not. If you’re gifting a ticket to a friend, or if you’ve decided to handle the payment outside of the platform, you’ll select “Do Not Request Payment” and the ticket will be sent without charge. If you want to get your money back for the ticket, clicking “Request $107.83” will create a payment page for your recipient. When they complete the charge, you’ll receive a refund directly to your credit card for the total amount. To send the transfer approval email, you’ll need to type “TRANSFER” in the confirmation box.

Anatomy of a transfer

Once you submit the transfer, a confirmation email will hit your inbox that looks like this. Once you click the “Approve Transfer” button, the payment page, or ticket acceptance if no payment is required, will be sent to your recipient.

Transfer Approval Email

This is what the email your recipient will receive looks like!

Accept Transfer Email

Once the “Accept Transfer” button is clicked, your recipient will see a page where they can submit their payment information:

Recipient payment screen for ticket

Once the ticket is paid, you’ll receive a refund and your recipient will see their ticket just like you did at the beginning of this process. Your recipient can, if they need to, transfer the ticket again, but if a ticket is sent without payment required we disable payment required as an option within the platform for future transfers. This is to prevent gifted tickets from being resold for money easily.

So there you have it! In a few simple steps you can transfer tickets securely with in-line payment processing. You’ll never have to worry about getting cheated on a ticket when using the Secret Party transfer system.

Have you used this feature? Did you love it? Do you have feedback? Feel free to email if you want to reach out :).

Joshua, Justin and Sebastian — Secret Party

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