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How React Native App Development can be a cost effective solution for Mobile App Development

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Over the last decade or so, Mobile Apps have played a very crucial role in shaping up the future of businesses, both large and small. As a result, it is has become mandatory for companies to include a mobile app, in its business promotion scheme of things. Businesses, old or new, small or
big, all are looking at enhancing their prospects, with the potential of a
mobile app.

Having said that, Mobile App Development is not an easy proposition cost wise, especially for small business units and Startups. With a strong framework essential to have a sustained app performance, many
choices are available for the developers to choose from. Hereโ€™s where React native development can be one of the good choices.

Cross Platform Development; One of the prominent solutions

Since the last decade or so, Android and iOS continue to be two major players in the mobile market, having developed strong and action packed systems for their devices. However, the continued dominance of these two platforms, has seen the need for building up a common application,ย  which can work across both these platforms, without much hassle and that is how cross platform mobile app development, came into prominence.ย  Theย best mobile app development companies today, work on cross platforms app development and have tasted good success.

What has Cross Platform Development got to do with React Native?

Choosing a cost effective mobile app development was always at the back of the minds of many business entities, when thinking about Android and iOS as both of them came with a high development and maintenance cost. However, all this changed when React Native app development came into the picture, which gave companies, opportunities to breathe free and move forward.

Companies started to hire native app developers because, React Native was an excellent option which worked well for cross platform development and could work well across, not just Android and iOS, but many otherย platforms too. This was a dream come true for many aspiring companies, big or small, to develop cost effective mobile apps. One of the major features of React Native app development was that it helped developers to reuse the code, across both web and mobile. In addition, there are quite a few attractive features which come with React Native app development, some of which, we highlight here.

Faster Mobile App Development

With cross platform mobile app development being the need of the hour as well as the preferred approach by most of the companies, Reactive native app development fits the requirement extremely well, as it allows the native developers to transfer the entire code or some parts of the code, between various mobile platforms. Also, React native enables an android application to be compiled to suit an iOS platform and vice-versa, in record quick time. This reduces the development and maintenance cost immensely, as you will be working on a single application.

Easy Maintenance

Hiring React Native developers as compared to other frameworks, works very well for organizations as they will be well exposed, to the process of upgrading an existing application, developed in React Native, to a newer version, within less time frame. This is because React Native supports such a requirement efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

Reusable components; a major boost

React Native mobile app development supports reusing existing components. As a result, there is no need to multiple applications, to suit each independent platform. React Native stores components in the form of blocks, which can be retrieved at any suitable time, which saves valuable time for developers and cost to the company.

The UX/UI influence

For any mobile app to win the hearts of the users, it comes down to the presence of a strong user interface, leading to an excellent user experience. Hence, companies look to hire native app developers who can fulfil the end users expectations. React Native application development supports customized mobile app development, by developing applications which are responsive, display data faster and adjust easily to different screen configurations.

Promotes easy integration with compatible apps

React Native applications are known to smoothly integrate with any existing and compatible mobile app, reducing the stress on the developers, to a great extent. Developers now need not think about extra integration work and continue to focus on achieving the end result. React Native app development also supports mobile device default applications such as GPS, Camera, etc.

Hot Reloading

One of the unique and attractive features of React Native development is Hot Reloading. With this innovative feature, a native developer can alter the source code and see the results immediately, without evening recompiling the app. This action takes place in record quick time, which is a major asset for native app developers.

Needs only a strong, single, development team

With the ability to develop competent and performance driven, cross platform mobile apps, React Native development requires just one team with a lead developer. With components also being allowed to be reused, a competent development team with multiple abilities is all what is required. This also allows the lead developer to manage is team effectively and productively.

Ability to work offline when needed

React Native applications can be stored offline and can be retrieved as and when required. The mobile deviceโ€™s API can be stored offline which provides uninterrupted data access, during testing times and results in a much faster development of a working app. This feature makes React Native development, one of the most sought after, for companies both big and small.

Facility to be scaled up

React Native applications can be scaled up and upgraded to newer versions at any point of time. As they can work efficiently on multiple platforms, they can be reused by scaling up and work flawlessly.


React Native applications are easily available and can be accessed across multiple online platforms like Google play store or Apple app store. This helps in increasing customer base by reaching a wide range of audience.


With the demand for mobile apps are increasing by the day, the need for cross platform mobile app development is also on the rise. Therefore, react-native is the one of the best platform among others cross-platforms applications. With a range of attractive and flexible features, Reactive native app development is surely the answer for a cost effective mobile app development. You will save your time and money by developing a fast-performing mobile application for your business. Thus, companies can now hire react native developers in advance or your next project. React Native is the talk amongst global developers and why not? Itโ€™s here to
stay big time.


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