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How Product Manager Solve Complex Problems

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Excellent problem-solving skill is very essential for a Product Manager, because in the real day to day as a Product Manager will face a lot of complex problems that require deeply thinking for finding the root cause of problems, not only user’s problems but also internal problems such as slow development process, increase growth rate, increase retention rate, etc.

So, first thing first Product Manager must be able to do root cause analysis using an issue tree.

It helps a lot when we have to crack very complex problems and want to get clear visibility about related elements/variables that must be considered. You can imagine an issue tree is a mapping tool that will give you completed and detailed visibility and the relationship between one element to others for a better understanding of a problem.

An issue tree must follow MECE (Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive) Principle

Mutually Exclusive means that each item/element/variable must be no overlap and the other hand Collectively Exhaustive means that we need to consider all items/elements/variables that related to the problem to our issue tree. 

MECE principle usually uses by the top consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG, etc.

Why do we need to be MECE?

  1. Clarity of thinking and communication
  2. Eliminate the blind spot
  3. Work efficiency
  4. Structural thinking (a very good thing for Product Manager)

So, here is the Issue tree structure that can give you an example and make you clear about an Issue Tree

So I will show you an intuitive example of an issue tree from MBA Crystal Ball:

In the next post, I will write how to be MECE on almost every case as a Product Manager such as Metrics Problems, Operational Process Problems, etc.

Give me your critics to make this post getting better and better.


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